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31-Oct-2014 19:04
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Public Release: 25-Sep-2014
CIFAR fellows named to Thomson Reuters list of Nobel-caliber scientists
Two CIFAR fellows have been named by Thomson Reuters to its 2014 list of 'Nobel-class' Citation Laureates. The selection uses data on scientific citations to list the most influential researchers in the fields of chemistry, physics, medicine and economics, and since 2002 has predicted 35 Nobel Prize winners.

Contact: Lindsay Jolivet
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

Public Release: 24-Sep-2014
US Army looks to Daphne Yao to provide a more secure cyber space
Virginia Tech computer scientist Daphne Yao's proposed solutions to prevent insider attacks in the cyber security world will provide a leap forward to stronger Army command and control of cyberspace capabilities on the battlefield as well as in day-to-day operations.
US Army Research Office

Contact: Lynn Nystrom
Virginia Tech

Public Release: 23-Sep-2014
Artificial intelligence that imitates children's learning
The computer programs used in the field of artificial intelligence are highly specialized. They can for example fly airplanes, play chess or assemble cars in controlled industrial environments. However, a research team from Gothenburg, Sweden, has now been able to create an artificial intelligence program that can learn how to solve problems in many different areas. The program is designed to imitate certain aspects of children's cognitive development.

Contact: Claes Strannegard
University of Gothenburg

Public Release: 19-Sep-2014
NRL, aerospace industry hosts 10th annual CanSat Student Challenge
Since 2004, the CanSat competition has become an annual event designed to foster student growth in multiple disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Participating in the event's 10-year anniversary were university and college teams from around the nation, as well as South America, Europe and Asia. Of the 54 original teams, 39 attended the launch competition with first place being won by Team Arisat from Istanbul Technical University.

Contact: Daniel Parry
Naval Research Laboratory

Public Release: 18-Sep-2014
March of Dimes honors Arizona with first-ever newborn screening award
The March of Dimes presented Will Humble, M.P.H., Arizona's Department of Health Services director, with its first ever newborn screening quality award at a ceremony held here today. Mr. Humble established a policy of full transparency for the length of time it takes Arizona hospitals to send newborn blood samples to the lab for analysis, and set a target of having 95 percent of samples screened within 72 hours.

Contact: Elizabeth Lynch
March of Dimes Foundation

Public Release: 18-Sep-2014
Hepatitis C virus proteins in space
Two researchers at Technische Universität München have won the 'International Space Station Research Competition' with their project 'Egypt Against Hepatitis C Virus.' As their prize, the scientists will see the International Space Station crew perform experiments on the space station. The project involves crystallizing two proteins of the hepatitis C virus under microgravity conditions. The shuttle bringing these proteins to the International Space Station is scheduled to lift off from Cape Canaveral on Sept. 20.
Space Florida, NanoRacks LLC

Contact: Ulrike Protzer
Technische Universitaet Muenchen

Public Release: 18-Sep-2014
Elsevier and Australasian Research Management Society award scientists at Scopus ceremony
Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, and the Australasian Research Management Society, recognized the academic research achievements of 17 young scientists at the 5th Scopus Young Researcher of the Year Awards.

Contact: Jason Chan

Public Release: 18-Sep-2014
3rd annual Golden Goose award ceremony honors 8 researchers; unusual work had big results
Eight researchers from several disciplines will be celebrated tonight at the third annual Golden Goose Award ceremony for their roles in improving the health of premature infants and in paving the way for the telecommunications and supercomputing revolutions. The researchers, whose work was supported by the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health and the former Atomic Energy Commission, will be honored at a ceremony at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, SAGE Publications, American Astronomical Society, American Mathematical Society, American Physical SocietyPhysics

Contact: Barry Toiv
Association of American Universities

Public Release: 17-Sep-2014
Nobelist Klaus von Klitzing to receive 2014 Prange Prize
Nobel laureate Klaus von Klitzing has been named the 2014 recipient of the Richard E. Prange Prize and Lectureship in Condensed Matter Theory and Related Areas. Dr. von Klitzing will receive a $10,000 honorarium and deliver a public lecture entitled 'A New Kilogram in 2018' at the University of Maryland, College Park, on Oct. 14, 2014. He will also present a Condensed Matter Theory Center and Joint Quantum Institute seminar entitled 'News from Quantum Hall Physics' on Monday, Oct. 13, 2014.

Contact: Carole Kiger
University of Maryland

Public Release: 17-Sep-2014
Using solar energy to turn raw materials into ingredients for every day life
QUT scientist Dr. Sarina Sarina, who achieved outstanding progress in driving this energy intensive chemical production process at ambient temperature using light instead of fossil fuels, has won the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt fellowship at the famous Max Planck Institute in Berlin.

Contact: Rose Trapnell
Queensland University of Technology

Public Release: 16-Sep-2014
ASTRO's 56th Annual Meeting
Fox Chase's Charlie Ma, Ph.D., named Fellow by the American Society for Radiation Oncology
The American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) has selected C.M. Charlie Ma, Ph.D., professor, Vice Chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology, and Director of Medical Physics at Fox Chase Cancer Center, as one of their 2014 Fellows. The distinguished members selected to receive the Fellow of ASTRO designation will be honored during an awards ceremony on Tuesday, Sept. 16, at the ASTRO's 56th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, Calif.

Contact: Diana Quattrone
Fox Chase Cancer Center

Public Release: 16-Sep-2014
Columbia University College of Dental Medicine receives diversity award
The Columbia University College of Dental Medicine has received the 2014 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity award from INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, the oldest and largest diversity-focused publication in higher education. As a recipient of the annual HEED Award -- a national honor recognizing US colleges and universities that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion -- CDM will be featured along with 82 other recipients in INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine's November 2014 issue.

Contact: Karin Eskenazi
Columbia University Medical Center

Public Release: 16-Sep-2014
Frontiers receives Gold Prize for the ALPSP Award for Innovation in Publishing 2014
Frontiers has won the ALPSP Innovation in Publishing Award in recognition of its innovative Open-Science platform that provides open-access academic publishing and research networking for scientists.

Contact: Gozde Zorlu

Public Release: 15-Sep-2014
The Miriam Hospital again earns the Joint Commission's Primary Stroke Center Certification
The Miriam Hospital has for the fifth time been designated by the Joint Commission as a Primary Stroke Center. The advanced certification recognizes The Miriam Hospital Stroke Center, which cares for over 650 patients a year, as providing the highest quality stroke care.

Contact: Elena Falcone-Relvas

Public Release: 15-Sep-2014
DFG to present geosciences prizes at GeoFrankfurt 2014
The Albert Maucher Prize is to be awarded to Kathryn E. Fitzsimmons, and the Bernd Rendel Prize to Hay-tham El Atfy and Mandy Freund.

Contact: Cornalia Lossau
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Public Release: 14-Sep-2014
Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT)
Marie Claude Morice presented with Master Clinical Operator Award at TCT
Marie Claude Morice, M.D., was presented the TCT 2014 Geoffrey O. Hartzler Master Clinical Operator Award in a ceremony held today during the 26th Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics conference, the annual scientific symposium of the Cardiovascular Research Foundation. The award is given each year to a physician who has advanced the field of interventional cardiovascular medicine through technical excellence and innovation. Dr. Morice, a world-renowned interventional cardiologist, is the first woman to be recognized with this award.

Contact: Judy Romero
Cardiovascular Research Foundation

Public Release: 13-Sep-2014
Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT)
Michael J. Mack is first surgeon presented with TCT Career Achievement Award
Michael J. Mack, M.D., an internationally renowned cardiothoracic surgeon, was presented the 2014 TCT Career Achievement Award in a ceremony held today during the 26th Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics conference, the annual scientific symposium of the Cardiovascular Research Foundation. The award is given each year to a pioneer in the field of interventional cardiovascular medicine.

Contact: Judy Romero
Cardiovascular Research Foundation

Public Release: 12-Sep-2014
United States Pharmacopeial Convention
UMass Amherst chemist receives National Pharmacopeia Award
With his advisor, professor Igor Kaltashov, Muneeruddin develops new analytical methods using liquid chromatography and gas phase chemistry in mass spectrometry to characterize a group of pharmaceuticals known to be highly heterogeneous, that is, they have either intrinsic or induced variability, which must be fully described before they can be used.
United States Pharmacopeial Convention

Contact: Janet Lathrop
University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Public Release: 12-Sep-2014
Publishers honor AIP CEO Fred Dylla in London
At a dinner ceremony last night in London, the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers honored H. Frederick Dylla, Executive Director and CEO of the American Institute of Physics, for his work advancing scholarly publishing and enhancing public access to research results.

Contact: Jason Socrates Bardi
American Institute of Physics

Public Release: 11-Sep-2014
UT Arlington Ph.D. student recognized for human rights writing
A Ph.D. student from The University of Texas at Arlington quoted lyrics from a song by Fela Kuti in his AAAS award winning essay on water and human rights.

Contact: Traci Peterson
University of Texas at Arlington

Public Release: 11-Sep-2014
Physics researcher to advise faith-based office in US Department of State
Alice Bean's scholarly expertise and eagerness to carry science to society at-large has led the US Department of State to name her as a Jefferson Science Fellow.
US Department of State

Contact: Brendan M. Lynch
University of Kansas

Public Release: 11-Sep-2014
20th Ostwald-Colloquium
First colloid and polymer science lecture awarded to Orlin D. Velev
The Springer journal Colloid and Polymer Science awards Orlin D. Velev from North Carolina State University the Colloid and Polymer Science Lecture 2014. The award committee chose Velev for his visionary contributions to colloid science and innovative colloidal materials, especially in the areas of particle assembly at interfaces, nanostructures that possess electrical and photonic functionalities, microfluidic devices, and biosensors.

Contact: Joan Robinson

Public Release: 11-Sep-2014
National Association of Science Writers announces 2014 Science in Society Award winners
The National Association of Science Writers is pleased to announce the five winners of this year's Science in Society Journalism Awards, which honor investigative or interpretive reporting about the sciences and their impact on society.
National Association of Science Writers

Contact: Tinsley Davis
National Association of Science Writers

Public Release: 10-Sep-2014
Ferrara receives Champalimaud Award for role in eye disease therapy
Napoleone Ferrara, M.D., distinguished professor of pathology and distinguished adjunct professor of ophthalmology at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and senior deputy director for basic sciences at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center, was named today as one of seven recipients of the António Champalimaud Vision Award in Lisbon, Portugal.
Champalimaud Foundation

Contact: Yadira Galindo
University of California - San Diego

Public Release: 10-Sep-2014
ARVO members honored with world's largest prize in eye research
Seven vision researchers are honored for pioneering work using anti-VEGF therapy for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, the world's leading causes of blindness.

Contact: Nancy Carr
Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology

Showing releases 101-125 out of 157.

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