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21-Nov-2014 14:13
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Public Release: 20-Oct-2014
Director of Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease elected to Institute of Medicine
Deepak Srivastava, M.D., the Director of the Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease and Director of the Roddenberry Center for Stem Cell Biology and Medicine, has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine.

Contact: Dana Smith
Gladstone Institutes

Public Release: 20-Oct-2014
Dr. Joseph Takahashi elected to National Academies of Sciences' Institute of Medicine
Dr. Joseph Takahashi, Chairman of Neuroscience at UT Southwestern Medical Center since 2009, has been elected to the Institute of Medicine, a component of the prestigious National Academies of Sciences.

Contact: Deborah Wormser
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Public Release: 20-Oct-2014
Two MD Anderson faculty named to Institute of Medicine
Two leaders at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have been elected to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies in recognition of their contributions to medical science and health care.

Contact: Ron Gilmore
University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

Public Release: 18-Oct-2014
27th Congress of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology
Dick Swaab wins the 2014 ECNP Media Award
Europe's leading applied neuroscience association, the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2014 ECNP Media Award is Dick Swaab, for his book, We are our Brains: From the Womb to Alzheimer's. Presented annually, the ECNP Media Award recognizes outstanding contributions to destigmatizing disorders of the brain. It is accompanied by a prize of € 5,000.
European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Media Award

Contact: Press Office
European College of Neuropsychopharmacology

Public Release: 17-Oct-2014
UW physicist receives American Ingenuity Award for icecube effort
Francis Halzen, the University of Wisconsin-Madison physicist who was the driving force behind the giant neutrino telescope known as IceCube at the South Pole, has been named a winner of the 2014 American Ingenuity Award.

Contact: Francis Halzen
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Public Release: 16-Oct-2014
GSA 2014 Annual Meeting
AAPG recognized for support of AGI with the William B. Heroy Jr. Award
The American Geosciences Institute has awarded this year's William B. Heroy Jr. Award for Distinguished Service to AGI to the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, AGI Member Organization, for its generous financial support and leadership of AGI programs.

Contact: Maureen Moses
American Geosciences Institute

Public Release: 16-Oct-2014
Tecnalia wins 'Oscar' for innovation in 'Medical Google'
This year the prestigious European EARTO organization has awarded its 2014 Innovation Prize to Tecnalia's Biosimil project, a computer search tool for biological and medical samples that contributes to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The prize, considered to be the 'Oscar' of innovation, was handed over in Brussels, the aim of EARTO being to award the best innovations developed in Europe, based on the viability of their launch as well as on the social and economic impact involved.

Contact: Irati Kortabitarte
Elhuyar Fundazioa

Public Release: 15-Oct-2014
Northwestern Memorial HealthCare highlighted in Healthcare Equality Index 2014
For third year in a row, Northwestern is named a leader in providing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender patient care in national survey.

Contact: Sheila T Galloro
Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Public Release: 15-Oct-2014
Dr. David R. Wunsch recognized by the American Geosciences Institute
This year the American Geosciences Institute is recognizing David R. Wunsch, Ph.D. with its Outstanding Contribution to the Understanding of Geoscience award. Through numerous outreach efforts, such as helping New Hampshire residents understand the collapse of the 'Old Man on the Mountain,' educating the US public on the importance of groundwater and helping support the authorizing of the SECURE Water Act his accomplishments have been numerous and valuable to the US public interest.

Contact: Maureen Moses
American Geosciences Institute

Public Release: 15-Oct-2014
Graduate inventor captures the imagination with interactive typewriter
Plymouth University graduate Joe Hounsham has transformed an antique typewriter for the digital generation, and won an award from IBM for his efforts.

Contact: Alan Williams
University of Plymouth

Public Release: 15-Oct-2014
Charles Marcus receives American research prize
Charles Marcus, who is a professor and head of the Center for Quantum Devices at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen, has been awarded the prize for 'Research Excellence in Nanotechnology' by the nanoscience center, NBIC at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. It is an international prize and is given in recognition of outstanding research in nanotechnology.

Contact: Gertie Skaarup
University of Copenhagen - Niels Bohr Institute

Public Release: 15-Oct-2014
Brandeis awards 44th Rosenstiel Award to pioneering geneticist Fred Alt
Geneticist Fred Alt will be awarded the 44th Rosenstiel Award for Distinguished Work in Biomedical Science by Brandeis University.

Contact: Jarret Bencks
Brandeis University

Public Release: 14-Oct-2014
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Mark Roth to receive first Friend of the CNBC Award
Mark Roth, an award-winning senior staff writer at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, will receive the 2014 Friend of the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition Award from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. Roth is being recognized for his cutting-edge journalism that brings current science and medical issues to the public's attention.

Contact: Shilo Rea
Carnegie Mellon University

Public Release: 14-Oct-2014
Marius Wernig receives New York Stem Cell Foundation's Robertson Stem Cell Prize
The New York Stem Cell Foundation announced today that Marius Wernig, PhD, Associate Professor in the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine and the Department of Pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine, is the 2014 recipient of the Robertson Stem Cell Prize, which has been awarded since 2011 for extraordinary achievements in translational stem cell research by a young scientist.

Contact: David McKeon
New York Stem Cell Foundation

Public Release: 14-Oct-2014
DFG congratulates Stefan W. Hell on Nobel Prize in Chemistry
The German Research Foundation congratulates professor Stefan W. Hell, of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen and the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, on winning the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Contact: Cornelia Lossau
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Public Release: 13-Oct-2014
Penn Medicine researcher receives New Innovator Award from National Institutes of Health
Roberto Bonasio, Ph.D., an assistant professor of Cell and Developmental Biology, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, and a core member of the Penn Epigenetics Program is one of the recipients of a 2014 New Innovator Award from the National Institutes of Health.
National Institutes of Health

Contact: Karen Kreeger
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Public Release: 13-Oct-2014
HFES 2014 International Annual Meeting
Paper on haptic steering support winner of 2014 Human Factors Prize
The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society congratulates Bastiaan Petermeijer, David Abbink, and Joost de Winter on receiving the 2014 Human Factors Prize for their article, 'Should Drivers Be Operating Within an Automation-Free Bandwidth? Evaluating Haptic Steering Support Systems With Different Levels of Authority.'

Contact: Cara Quinlan
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

Public Release: 10-Oct-2014
Roman Orus awarded 2014 EPS Early Career Prize of the European Physical Society
Junior Professor Román Orús of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz has been awarded the EPS Early Career Prize of the European Physical Society. This new EPS prize is designed to recognize the contributions of young physicists to European research, with two researchers receiving the award each time.
European Physical Society

Contact: Román Orús
Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz

Public Release: 10-Oct-2014
CIFAR senior fellow who showed how parenting shapes gene expression wins $1.16 million award
Neurobiologist Michael Meaney, a senior fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, has won a major award worth $1.16 million Canadian for his research on how early childhood experiences shape biological development.
Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize

Contact: Lindsay Jolivet
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

Public Release: 9-Oct-2014
Geological Society of America's Annual Meeting & Exposition
The geoscience community honors the man who shook up earthquake science
The American Geosciences Institute is honoring one of the scientists who advanced earthquake hazards preparedness and mitigation in the US by his superlative service to the earth sciences. This year's recipient of the Ian Campbell Medal, Dr. James 'Jim' Davis, is one of the key scientists behind US earthquake hazards and loss reduction policy as it is known today.

Contact: Maureen Moses
American Geosciences Institute

Public Release: 8-Oct-2014
International Society of Quality of Health Care conference
Putting patient's voice in center of health care
David Cella, Northwestern Medicine chair of medical social sciences, has received a prestigious international award for his contributions as a pioneer in the field of patient-reported outcome measures and his mission to put the patient's voice in the center of health care. Cella accepted the John Ware and Alvin Tarlov Career Achievement Prize Oct. 6 at the International Society of Quality of Health Care conference in Rio de Janeiro.

Contact: Marla Paul
Northwestern University

Public Release: 8-Oct-2014
Society of Toxicology of Canada's 46th Annual Symposium,
Professor Daniel G. Cyr receives the Gabriel L. Plaa Award of Distinction
Professor Daniel G. Cyr of the Centre INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier is the recipient of the highest award given by the Society of Toxicology of Canada, the Gabriel L. Plaa Award of Disctinction 2014, in recognition of his outstanding and sustained contributions to the science of toxicology in Canada.

Contact: Gisèle Bolduc

Public Release: 8-Oct-2014
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014 for Max Planck researcher Stefan Hell
Stefan W. Hell, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen, has been awarded this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He shares the prize with Eric Betzig and William E. Moerner.

Contact: Dr. Carmen Rotte

Public Release: 7-Oct-2014
NASA Goddard scientist receives Lindsay Award for Mars research
Dr. Paul Mahaffy, an expert on the chemistry of Mars, received the John C. Lindsay Memorial Award for 2014. The award, presented annually, is the highest honor given by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland for space science. The award was presented Oct. 1.

Contact: Bill Steigerwald
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Public Release: 7-Oct-2014
Two UC San Diego scientists honored for schizophrenia research
Two professors of psychiatry at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have been honored by the New York City-based Brain & Behavior Research Foundation for their work studying the genetics, dysfunction and treatment of schizophrenia, a chronic and severe brain disorder affecting roughly 1 percent of the general population or approximately 3 million people.
2014 Lieber Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Schizophrenia Research, 2014 Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Prize for Innovative and Promising Schizophrenia Research

Contact: Scott LaFee
University of California - San Diego

Showing releases 101-125 out of 157.

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