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Public Release: 4-Feb-2015
National Collegiate Research Conference
Lieber Institute for Brain Development wins grand prize at National Collegiate Conference
The National Collegiate Research Conference awarded its 2015 Grand Prize to Mahima Sukumar, an undergraduate student working at the Lieber Institute for Brain Development. NCRC offers undergraduate students an opportunity to present innovative research in areas ranging from biology, physics and chemistry to mathematics, psychology, linguistics and the humanities. Awards of Excellence are given in individual subject areas, but only one presenter is selected for the grand prize.
Lieber Institute for Brain Development, Johns Hopkins University's Dean's Undergraduate Research Award, Second Decade Society Leadership Internship Grant

Contact: Laura C. Wells
Lieber Institute for Brain Development

Public Release: 4-Feb-2015
AcademyHealth and Aetna Foundation select five for scholars in residence fellowship
AcademyHealth announced today the five individuals selected for the AcademyHealth/Aetna Foundation Scholars in Residence Fellowship Program.
Aetna Foundation

Contact: Kristin Rosengren

Public Release: 3-Feb-2015
Loyola psychiatrist receives profession's highest honor
Loyola University Medical Center psychiatrist Murali Rao, MD, has achieved Distinguished Life Fellow status in the American Psychiatric Association, the highest honor the profession can bestow.

Contact: Jim Ritter
Loyola University Health System

Public Release: 3-Feb-2015
Fulbright scholar tracks puzzling disease that strikes from soils, thorns
Abdallah Samy's work on mycetoma eventually could help health workers to suppress the disease, which is not well-understood but can have devastating effects on people.

Contact: Brendan M Lynch
University of Kansas

Public Release: 30-Jan-2015
Weissman and Massagué win Charles Rodolphe Brupbacher Prize for Cancer Research
Researchers Irving L. Weissman and Joan Massagué have won this year's Charles Rodolphe Brupbacher Prize for Cancer Research: Weissman, from Stanford University, for his work on healthy and sick stem cells; Massagué, from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, for his research on metastatic spread. The award, which carries CHF 100,000 each in prize money, is to be presented on Jan. 29 during the international symposium on 'Breakthroughs in Cancer Research and Therapy' in Zurich.
Charles Rodolphe Brupbacher Foundation

Contact: Georg Umbricht
University of Zurich

Public Release: 30-Jan-2015
PNNL recognized for moving biofuel, chemical analysis innovations to market
Developing renewable fuel from wet algae and enabling analysis of complex liquids are two of the latest innovations Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has successfully driven to the market with the help of commercial partners.

Contact: Eric Francavilla
DOE/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Public Release: 29-Jan-2015
UZH researcher Martin Jinek wins prestigious Friedrich Miescher Prize
Martin Jinek from the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Zurich has won the Friedrich Miescher Prize, which carries CHF 20,000 in prize money. The award is the highest accolade for budding researchers in biochemistry in Switzerland.

Contact: Beat Mueller
University of Zurich

Public Release: 29-Jan-2015
Genetics Society of America names Brian Charlesworth as recipient of Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal
The Genetics Society of America (GSA) is pleased to announce that Brian Charlesworth, Ph.D., (University of Edinburgh) has been awarded the Society's Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal for lifetime achievement in the field of genetics. The award, whose namesake was a Nobel laureate and geneticist, recognizes Dr. Charlesworth's profound impact on our understanding of population genetics and evolutionary biology. Dr. Charlesworth will receive the award at the 56th Annual Drosophila Research Conference, organized by GSA, March 4-8, 2015, in Chicago, Ill.

Contact: Raeka Aiyar
Genetics Society of America

Public Release: 28-Jan-2015
Award-winning research on DNA probes just published in Canadian Journal of Chemistry
The 2014 Fred Beamish Award was awarded to professor Juewen Liu (Department of Chemistry, University of Waterloo). The Award Lecture titled 'Lanthanide-dependent RNA-cleaving DNAzymes as metal biosensors' is published today in the Canadian Journal of Chemistry.

Contact: Jenny Ryan
Canadian Science Publishing (NRC Research Press)

Public Release: 28-Jan-2015
Friedmann named 2015 Japan Prize winner
Theodore Friedmann, M.D., professor in the Department of Pediatrics at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine was named today one of three recipients of the 2015 Japan Prize, a prestigious international award honoring laureates whose 'original and outstanding achievements in science and technology have advanced the frontiers of knowledge and served the cause of peace and prosperity for mankind.'

Contact: Scott LaFee
University of California - San Diego

Public Release: 27-Jan-2015
Yale scientist wins award for discoveries leading to new class of cancer drugs
A Spanish foundation has awarded a major scientific prize to Yale researcher Joseph Schlessinger and two colleagues in recognition of their work leading to the first personalized treatments for cancer. The 2015 Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Biomedicine from the Madrid-based BBVA Foundation includes a €400,000 cash prize.

Contact: Ziba Kashef
Yale University

Public Release: 27-Jan-2015
Genetics Society of America names Steven Henikoff as recipient of GSA Medal
The Genetics Society of America is pleased to announce that Steven Henikoff, PhD, has been awarded the Genetics Society of America Medal in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of genetics during the past 15 years. Dr. Henikoff will receive the award at the 56th Annual Drosophila Research Conference, organized by GSA, March 4-8, 2015 in Chicago, IL.

Contact: Raeka Aiyar
Genetics Society of America

Public Release: 27-Jan-2015
2015 AAAS/Subaru SB&F prizes honor science books that encourage exploration
Four groundbreaking books that present scientific information in innovative ways to young audiences have earned the 2015 AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books.
Subaru of America, Inc.

Contact: Katharine Zambon
American Association for the Advancement of Science

Public Release: 27-Jan-2015
NREL scientist Brian Gregg named AAAS Fellow
Brian Gregg, a scientist at the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, has been named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). AAAS cited Gregg for 'distinguished contributions to the field of solar photoconversion, particularly for developing a unified understanding of the photoconversion mechanism in the various cell types.'
US Department of Energy

Contact: David Glickson
DOE/National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Public Release: 27-Jan-2015
UT Dallas professor named IEEE Fellow
Renewable energy leader Dr. Babak Fahimi, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas has been elected a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the world's largest professional association for the advancement of technology.

Contact: LaKisha Ladson
University of Texas at Dallas

Public Release: 27-Jan-2015
Chinese government awards INRS professor Federico Rosei
Professor Federico Rosei of the INRS Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Centre has won the Chang Jiang Scholars Award, a highly prestigious distinction for world-class researchers given by the Chinese government. Professor Rosei was honored for his work in the field of organic and inorganic nanomaterials. This is the first time the award has been given to an INRS faculty member.

Contact: Gisèle Bolduc

Public Release: 26-Jan-2015
Patricia Broderick receives Continental Lifetime Achievement Award
One of the biggest science stories at the end of 2014 was the finding by Dr. Patricia Broderick of the City College of New York that caffeine could be used as treatment for Parkinson's disease and cocaine addiction. It punctuated a stellar year for the neuroscientist and inventor marked by several honors including a Lifetime Achievement Award from publishers Continental Who's Who.

Contact: Patricia Broderick, Ph.D.
City College of New York

Public Release: 26-Jan-2015
Office of Science salutes new APS fellows
Thirty-two researchers from national labs stewarded by the Office of Science have been elected as American Physical Society Fellows.

Contact: Charles Rousseaux
DOE/US Department of Energy

Public Release: 26-Jan-2015
Penn's Joshua Plotkin to receive 2015 Akira Okubo Prize for Mathematical Biology
Joshua Plotkin of the University of Pennsylvania has been named winner of the 2015 Akira Okubo Prize, awarded jointly by the international Society for Mathematical Biology and the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology. The award committee granted the award with 'great enthusiasm,' noting that, 'Plotkin's research achievements belie his young age.'
Society for Mathematical Biology, Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology

Contact: Katherine Unger Baillie
University of Pennsylvania

Public Release: 26-Jan-2015
Pitt researcher receives Innovation Award for Parkinson's research
Laurie Sanders, Ph.D., assistant professor of neurology in the Pittsburgh Institute of Neurodegenerative Diseases, University of Pittsburgh, will receive the William N. & Bernice E. Bumpus Foundation Innovation Award.
William N. & Bernice E. Bumpus Foundation

Contact: Amy Charley
University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences

Public Release: 26-Jan-2015
Helmholtz International Fellow Award for Prof. Amanda Fisher from London
The British cell biologist Professor Amanda Gay Fisher of Imperial College London has been honored with the Helmholtz International Fellow Award. Fisher is one of seven outstanding researchers who received the award, each of which is endowed with 20,000 euros. The award also includes an invitation to visit one or several Helmholtz centers. Professor Fisher wishes to strengthen her collaborations with the Berlin Institute of Medical Systems Biology of the Max Delbrück Center.
Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres

Contact: Barbara Bachtler
Max Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) Berlin-Buch

Public Release: 26-Jan-2015
Vilcek Foundation Honors prominent cell biologist and young researchers of promise
The Vilcek Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the annual Vilcek Foundation Prizes, recognizing immigrant contributions to the American arts and sciences. Cell biologist Peter Walter will be honored with the $100,000 Vilcek Prize in Biomedical Science. The Creative Promise Prizes, which include awards of $50,000 each, will be presented to Sun Hur, Rob Knight, and Franziska Michor.
The Vilcek Foundation

Contact: Phuong Pham
Vilcek Foundation

Public Release: 23-Jan-2015
MIT's Ed Boyden to receive Andrew Carnegie Prize in Mind and Brain Sciences
Carnegie Mellon University will award the third annual Andrew Carnegie Prize in Mind and Brain Sciences to Ed Boyden, associate professor of biological engineering and brain and cognitive sciences at the MIT Media Lab and the MIT McGovern Institute. The prize, given by the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition and funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York as part of its centennial celebration, recognizes trailblazers in the mind and brain sciences whose research has helped advance the field and its applications.

Contact: Shilo Rea
Carnegie Mellon University

Public Release: 23-Jan-2015
Genetics Society of America names Louisa Stark as recipient of Elizabeth W. Jones Award
The Genetics Society of America is pleased to announce that Louisa A. Stark, PhD has been awarded the Society's Elizabeth W. Jones Award for Excellence in Education in recognition of her significant and sustained impact in genetics education. The award, whose namesake was a renowned geneticist and educator, honors the remarkable advances in global access to genetics education enabled by Dr. Stark's work.

Contact: Raeka Aiyar
Genetics Society of America

Public Release: 22-Jan-2015
Scientists announce revolutionary culturing technique for liver and pancreas
The International Society for Stem Cell Research has awarded Dr. Hans Clevers, senior author on two important papers published recently in the scientific journal Cell, the society's McEwen Award for Innovation. The papers describe the development of a culturing system for human liver stem cells, as well as stem cells from pancreatic cancer, discoveries with the potential to revolutionize liver transplantation and aid in the fight against pancreatic cancer, respectively.

Contact: Michelle Quivey
International Society for Stem Cell Research

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