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Public Release: 6-May-2016
New book on biochar published
The Soil Science Society of America has published 'Agricultural and Environmental Applications of Biochar: Advances and Barriers.' Stunning agricultural and environmental benefits are covered.

Contact: Susan V. Fisk
American Society of Agronomy

Public Release: 6-May-2016
Why 'sharks get cancer, mole rats don't'
A provocative new book by Loyola Medicine radiation oncologist James S. Welsh, M.D., 'Sharks Get Cancer, Mole Rats Don't' explores how animals can help us understand how the immune system can be used to fight cancer. Dr. Welsh explores fascinating examples of how the immune system in some cases effectively kills tumor cells, while in other cases cancer cells escape detection. He also explains how, contrary to popular belief, it's possible to catch cancer.

Contact: Jim Ritter
Loyola University Health System

Public Release: 6-May-2016
Air power now weapon of choice
Air power has become the weapon of choice for Western politicians because it causes maximum destruction with the minimum of commitment, according to new research from a University of Exeter academic.

Contact: Kerra Maddern
University of Exeter

Public Release: 5-May-2016
New edition of book showcases the best in southern California medical education
Kochar's Clinical Medicine for Students was first written 35 years ago to provide students with a moderately sized, portable clinical textbook. The sixth edition of the book has just been released. Authored predominantly by medical faculty from institutes like the School of Medicine at the University of California, Riverside and Loma Linda University, the new edition emphasizes the growing impact of these institutes' demand for excellence in shaping the next generation of well-rounded medical professionals.

Contact: Iqbal Pittalwala
University of California - Riverside

Public Release: 5-May-2016
New book on the p53 protein from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
'The p53 Protein: From Cell Regulation to Cancer' covers the rapid progress that has recently been made in basic and clinical research on p53. The contributors review new observations about its basic biology, providing updates on the functions of its isoforms and domains, the myriad stresses and signals that trigger its activation or repression, and its downstream effects on genome stability and the cell cycle that enforce tumor suppression in different cell and tissue types.

Contact: Robert Redmond
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Public Release: 3-May-2016
AGI releases The Geoscience Handbook: AGI Data Sheets, Fifth Edition
For more than 40 years, AGI's Data Sheets have been a critical tool for the geoscientist in the field, the lab, and the classroom.

Contact: John Rasanen
American Geosciences Institute

Public Release: 2-May-2016
Tracks, trails, and thieves
Ride the trails and rails across the Wild West with Ferdinand Hayden through this detailed recounting of the first government-sponsored geological survey of the Wyoming and adjacent territories in 1868. The discovery of new archival material has helped bring the day-to-day adventures of this unique survey to life.

Contact: Kea Giles
Geological Society of America

Public Release: 28-Apr-2016
How 2 neurologists conceived a revolutionary new textbook of hospital neurology
'The Hospital Neurology Book' is a practical, comprehensive and groundbreaking guide to neurology in the hospital setting.

Contact: Jim Ritter
Loyola University Health System

Public Release: 28-Apr-2016
'Geothermal Energy: A Natural, Renewable Resource'
Geothermal energy is an important natural and renewable resource. This Special Paper from the Geological Society of America is a compilation of current and timely investigations of the complementary tracks of geothermal energy -- low-temperature ground-source geothermal and high-temperature hydrothermal systems. This volume will be of distinct interest to the geologic community, civil engineers, urban planners, and those interested in environmental sustainability.

Contact: Kea Giles
Geological Society of America

Public Release: 28-Apr-2016
New book by Rotman School professor examines how firms manage disruption
A new book by Joshua Gans, a professor at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, takes a timely closer look at disruption. In 'The Disruption Dilemma,' he looks at companies that have proven resilient and those that have fallen, and explains why some companies have successfully managed disruption -- Fujifilm and Canon, for example -- and why some like Blockbuster and Encyclopedia Britannica have not.

Contact: Ken McGuffin
University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management

Public Release: 27-Apr-2016
New book by ecologist James Estes recounts pioneering research in Alaska
In his new book, 'Serendipity,' marine ecologist James Estes recounts the simple twists of fate that sent him to the Aleutian Islands in 1970 to study the distribution and abundance of sea otters. It was the start of a remarkable journey of discovery that led to profound insights about the complexity of ecological interactions and the importance of predators in natural ecosystems.

Contact: Tim Stephens
University of California - Santa Cruz

Public Release: 27-Apr-2016
Designing peace -- guidance for reaching durable settlements
A new book by a University of Kent expert on political conflict resolution provides a template for policy-makers on how to manage peace processes.

Contact: Sandy Fleming
University of Kent

Public Release: 26-Apr-2016
Clothing made from tea byproduct could improve health of fashion industry
The fashion industry generates a lot of waste, which is why a team of Iowa State University researchers developed a new fiber that's 100 percent biodegradable. Researchers are testing the fiber -- made from a green tea byproduct -- to see if it's a viable alternative.

Contact: Young-A Lee
Iowa State University

Public Release: 26-Apr-2016
When it's more than just an ouch! What parents should know
Dr. Lonnie Zeltzer, director of the UCLA Pediatric Pain and Palliative Care Program, is co-author of a new book on helping children cope with pain: 'Pain in Children and Young Adults: The Journey Back to Normal: Two Pediatricians' Mind-Body Guide for Parents.'

Contact: Amy Albin
University of California - Los Angeles Health Sciences

Public Release: 26-Apr-2016
SHSU professor gets first-hand look at Mexican drug wars
Nathan Jones, an assistant professor at Sam Houston State University, spent a year in Mexico examining drug cartels and government interventions in the drug trade for his first book.

Contact: Beth Kuhles
Sam Houston State University

Public Release: 22-Apr-2016
New book probes better ways to protect humanity of patients and families during ICU care
Using insights from cognitive psychology, Dr. Samuel Brown discusses new approaches to reduce suffering for patients and their families when they need high levels of care, including concrete strategies to apply before, during, and after a serious illness.

Contact: Jess C. Gomez
Intermountain Medical Center

Public Release: 21-Apr-2016
The big question of 'how physics makes us free'
In her book, University of Arizona philosopher Jenann Ismael tries to describe what it means to be free and to break down the arguments that attempt to establish that it is impossible. The first part of the book examines how humans fit into the natural order. The second part turns to human actions.

Contact: Jenann Ismael
University of Arizona

Public Release: 19-Apr-2016
QMUL paleontologist chronicles tyrannosaur evolution in new book
How the dinosaur group, the tyrannosaurs, evolved over the course of 100 million years into the giant carnivorous bone-crushers that are so well recognized today, is charted in a new book by a zoology lecturer from Queen Mary University of London.

Contact: Neha Okhandiar
Queen Mary University of London

Public Release: 18-Apr-2016
Difficult relations between religion, philosophy, and science
'Religion as a Philosophical Matter' published by De Gruyter Open and available fully in open access offers new perspectives for a philosophy of religion that aims beyond the internal questions of rationality within a theological tradition.

Contact: Maria Mrynkiewicz
De Gruyter Open

Public Release: 14-Apr-2016
Combine analytical thinking and intuition, says scientist
A new book titled 'Connecting Analytical Thinking and Intuition' urges scientists to become better at combining analytical thinking and intuition. 'This is necessary in order to successfully meet the major global interdisciplinary challenges,' says the author of the book, Anders Omstedt, professor of oceanography at the University of Gothenburg.

Contact: Anders Omstedt
University of Gothenburg

Public Release: 14-Apr-2016
Cures vs. Profits: Successes in Translational Research
A thorough examination of the tensions that exist between society's desire for effective and safe medicines and profit pressures, with examples of both bona fide successes and abuses of the public trust across a broad swatch of biomedicine.
American Cancer Society, SUCCESS program of the College of Medicine at The Ohio State University

Contact: Amanda Yun
646-65775 x446
World Scientific

Public Release: 14-Apr-2016
Identifies investment opportunity across extractive industry's cycle
Given the design component it involves, financial engineering should be considered equal to conventional engineering. By adopting this complementary approach, financial models can be used to identify how and why timing is critical in optimizing return on investment in extractive industry projects and to demonstrate how financial engineering can enhance returns to investors. The book addresses the related technical and financial issues.

Contact: Amanda Yun
646-65775 x446
World Scientific

Public Release: 13-Apr-2016
Getting to Denmark: Trust is key
Trust may explain the good state of Danish economy and the country's successful welfare society. You must be able to trust that your fellow citizens do not cheat their way out of working or paying taxes, and that the authorities administer your taxes successfully.

Contact: Ingrid Fossum
Aarhus University

Public Release: 8-Apr-2016
UB sociologist offers framework to analyze Bernard Madoff's con
A new book by a University at Buffalo sociologist describes the previously unexplored inner workings of Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme that swindled billions of dollars from unsuspecting investors.

Contact: Bert Gambini
University at Buffalo

Public Release: 7-Apr-2016
Tropical forests and climate change focus of book
A University of California, Riverside associate professor has co-edited a just-published book on how tropical forests are responding to climate change.

Contact: Sean Nealon
University of California - Riverside

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