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Public Release: 30-Jan-2015
Recreating Dick Tracy's wrist radio with the expected arrival of Apple Watch
With the much anticipated arrival of the Apple Watch in April, this article looks into the haptic and telexistence technologies behind the latest iDevice's bells and whistles.

Contact: Philly Lim
World Scientific

Public Release: 28-Jan-2015
Does time pass?
Philosopher Brad Skow's new book says it does -- but not in the way you may think.

Contact: Abby Abazorius
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Public Release: 27-Jan-2015
NREL releases the 2013 Renewable Energy Data Book, detailing increases in installed capacity
he newly released 2013 Renewable Energy Data Book illustrates United States and global energy statistics, including renewable electricity generation, renewable energy development, clean energy investments, and technology-specific data and trends. The Data Book is produced and published annually by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory on behalf of the Energy Department's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.
US Department of Energy

Contact: David Glickson
DOE/National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Public Release: 26-Jan-2015
AU professor's new book unveils pros and cons of reading onscreen
E-book or print book: does it matter? According to new research by American University linguistics professor Naomi Baron, depending on the circumstances, the answer is yes.

Contact: Rebecca Basu
American University

Public Release: 26-Jan-2015
'Women in Oceanography: A Decade Later' published by The Oceanography Society
The Oceanography Society is pleased to announce publication of 'Women in Oceanography: A Decade Later.' This supplement to the December issue of Oceanography magazine reviews the progress that has been made over the last 10 years in addressing barriers to career advancement for women oceanographers and where further attention to this issue might still be needed. TOS published its first 'Women in Oceanography' volume in March 2005.

Contact: Dr. Ellen Kappel
The Oceanography Society

Public Release: 26-Jan-2015
Unemployment benefits do not discourage job seekers from returning to work
Unemployment benefits do not discourage job seekers from returning to the workforce, according to a study carried out by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid that analyzes the Spanish system of unemployment protection from a legal and economic perspective.

Contact: Fco. Javier Alonso
Carlos III University of Madrid

Public Release: 26-Jan-2015
Bioprinting -- see 3-D printing applied in health care
This book published by World Scientific, 'Bioprinting: Principles and Applications,' is the first attempt to provide an overview of this emerging technologies with interdisciplinary content included. The necessary biological and technical knowledge are included in this book, to educate the readers from different backgrounds.

Contact: Jason CJ
646-65775 x247
World Scientific

Public Release: 21-Jan-2015
New book on retinal disorders from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
'Retinal Disorders' from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press reviews recent work on retinal diseases, describing their genetic and molecular basis, their clinical characteristics, and strategies to diagnose and treat them. The contributors emphasize how genetic approaches are currently driving progress in the field. They discuss the genetic mutations and modifiers that underlie disease development and progression, the gene expression patterns that characterize them, and how this information is being used for medical applications.

Contact: Robert Redmond
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Public Release: 21-Jan-2015
CWRU DNP publishes first dermatology textbook for advance practice clinicians
To help train nurses about dermatology, Margaret Bobonich, DNP, FNP-C, DNCP, FAANP, from Case Western Reserve University's Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, and Mary Nolen, BC, DCNP, a dermatology nurse at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center in Massachusetts, wrote and published 'Dermatology for Advanced Practice Clinician.'

Contact: Susan Griffith
Case Western Reserve University

Public Release: 21-Jan-2015
What is the current development in nanomedicine for clinical diagnosis and treatment?
Nanomedicine has been advancing rapidly, particularly in the development of novel nano tools for medicine. This requires multiple nano functionalities for cell targeting, drug storage, optical imaging, and effective treatment. 'Bio-inspired Nanomaterials and Devices' summarizes the most recent developments in nanomaterials, biotechnology, and medical diagnosis and therapy for researchers from diverse fields of chemistry, materials science, physics, engineering, biology, and medicine. Not only does the book touch up on the most fundamental topics, but also deal with critical clinical issues.

Contact: Jason CJ
65-646-65775 x247
World Scientific

Public Release: 14-Jan-2015
New GSA book studies the central Andes of Argentina and Northern Chile
This new volume in The Geological Society of America's memoir series brings together results from a six-year, multidisciplinary study of the linkages among processes that formed the highest, widest part of the Andean Cordilleran orogenic belt in northern Argentina and Chile. The study was designed to test the idea that diverse processes operating in cordilleran-style orogenic belts may be linked in feedback and feed-forward relationships.

Contact: Kea Giles
Geological Society of America

Public Release: 14-Jan-2015
Unified suite of educational resources designed specifically for the IM clerkship
Third-year medical students in the core internal medicine clerkship now have a single integrated suite of educational materials to help them care for patients, prepare for clinical rounds, and study for the end-of-rotation and USMLE Step 2 examinations.

Contact: Steve Majewski
American College of Physicians

Public Release: 14-Jan-2015
Empathy in violent video-games can reduce or increase anti-social behavior
The provocation of anti-social reactions in players of violent video games has been observed in experiments by psychologists for many years. However, research at the University of Luxembourg suggests that it is not only the violence of the game, but also the context that influences behavior.

Contact: Britta Schlüter
University of Luxembourg

Public Release: 13-Jan-2015
New book on participatory approach to modern geometry caters to non-math majors
World Scientific has published a book on the 'Participatory approach to Modern Geometry' by Jay Kappraff.

Contact: Jason CJ
646-65775 x247
World Scientific

Public Release: 13-Jan-2015
How can we engage in direct modeling for computational fluid dynamics?
Direct modeling for computational fluid dynamics provides an effective methodology to develop multiscale numerical algorithms for flow simulation in all regimes from rarefied to continuum ones, which will help to improve the conventional CFD methods which are based on numerical partial differential equations.

Contact: Jason CJ
646-65775 x247
World Scientific

Public Release: 13-Jan-2015
'Surgery: A Case Based Clinical Review' to be released Feb. 14
A new book provides medical students and other health-care professionals with a comprehensive understanding of surgical diseases in one easy-to-use reference.

Contact: Laura Mecoy
Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center (LA BioMed)

Public Release: 13-Jan-2015
Why we do what we do? Ramsay MacMullen analyzes, probes and explains
'Why Do We Do What We Do? Motivation in History and the Social Sciences,' just published in open access by De Gruyter Open, pursues a question, as it is studied in four academic research areas: anthropology, psychology, sociology, and behavioral (not theoretical or number-driven) economics. The focus is on collective and not individual motivation.

Contact: Maria Hrynkiewicz
De Gruyter Open

Public Release: 12-Jan-2015
Deep thinking is not reserved for geniuses but is for everyone -- here's why
It is futile to look for creative insights in the computer analysis of 'big data.' Creative insights in mathematics arise from a 'eureka process,' Deep Thinking, which involves the systematic use of non-logical elements. Evidence for the existence of this process comes from child development, neuroscience, education, and the history of mathematics. Acknowledging Deep Thinking demands a reconsideration of teaching and learning, mathematics and technology, and even the potential of AI.

Contact: Jason CJ
646-65775 x247
World Scientific

Public Release: 12-Jan-2015
The good life: How to be and stay happy
A Florida State philosophy professor began looking at how both philosophers and psychologists study what makes a person happy. And that has led to a new theory on how to live the good life.

Contact: Kathleen Haughney
Florida State University

Public Release: 12-Jan-2015
Renowned professor's book addresses stem cell biology & regenerative medicine
In his latest book published by World Scientific, Professor David Warburton from The Saban Research Institute of Children's Hospital Los Angeles and the University of Southern California presents a collection of essays on the current state of the regenerative medicine and stem cell research field.
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, NIH/National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, NIH/National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Fogarty International Center

Contact: Jason CJ
65-646-65775 x247
World Scientific

Public Release: 8-Jan-2015
New book aims to clear up 'hookup culture' confusion
As students return to campus post-holiday break, a Michigan State University professor has released an e-book she hopes will demystify the 'hookup culture' that often accompanies the college social scene.

Contact: Kristen Parker
Michigan State University

Public Release: 8-Jan-2015
Characterizing baobab, the nutritious African 'Tree of Life'
A new publication, 'Descriptors for Baobab,' opens the way for accelerated and better-standardized research into this iconic tree. This highly nutritious African food tree is called the 'Tree of Life' because of its importance to local communities. Baobab is the first neglected, undomesticated African food tree species to enter the Descriptors Series.
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, European Commission, Agriculture for Nutrition and Health programme, Fruiting Africa project, World Agroforestry Centre, Bioversity International

Contact: Daisy Ouya
World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)

Public Release: 7-Jan-2015
Mind-body connection not a one-way street
We usually think our mind is in control and telling our body what to do. But there is a lot of scientific evidence that shows the chatter between mind and body goes two ways, and the body is an integral part of how we think. In the new book 'How the Body Knows Its Mind,' professor Sian Beilock provides the latest scientific evidence about the body's influence on our psyche, drawing on work from her own laboratory and from colleagues around the world.

Contact: Jann Ingmire
University of Chicago

Public Release: 5-Jan-2015
Geographic information helps provide public health intelligence at mass gatherings
Infectious diseases are one of the many health issues that worry the organizers of mass gatherings, such as the Hajj and the World Cup. Geographers' tools of the trade can help event organizers to better plan, monitor and respond timely to such eventualities. In chapter three of the new book 'Health, Science, and Place: A New Model,' geographer and biologist Dr. Amy Blatt explains how geographic information is used for disease surveillance at mass gatherings.

Contact: Joan Robinson

Public Release: 5-Jan-2015
Renowned coastal engineers share on design of coastal structures and sea defenses
Professor Young C. Kim has published his latest book, 'Design of Coastal Structures and Sea Defenses,' with World Scientific and worked along with several renowned practicing coastal engineers to compile the latest developments in the field.

Contact: Jason CJ Lim
646-65775 x247
World Scientific

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