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Public Release: 7-Aug-2014
New book from CSHLPress provides a solution for 'informatics anxiety'
A more complete understanding of bioinformatics offered in 'A Bioinformatics Guide for Molecular Biologists' from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press will allow the reader to become comfortable with these techniques, encouraging their use -- thus helping to make sense of the vast accumulation of data. It is a must-read for those interested in learning informatics techniques required for successful research and development in the laboratory.

Contact: Robert Redmond
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Public Release: 4-Aug-2014
Scaling in ecology and biodiversity conservation explained in a book and an online tool
The EU project SCALES has come to an end in July 2014 resulting in a first of its kind description of challenges that arise in protecting biodiversity across different scales. Results from the project are comprised in a book and an online tool developed to provide a comprehensible explanation of the importance and use of scaling in ecology and biodiversity conservation. The book was published via the open access Advanced Books platform.

Contact: Klaus Henle
Pensoft Publishers

Public Release: 3-Aug-2014
Scientists unveil unique approach to the basic concepts of solid state physics
The fundamental properties of solids depend critically on how the atomic constituents of the material are arranged and on their motion about their equilibrium positions. This book describes the basic theoretical physics concepts relevant to the description of atomic positions in solids and experimental techniques used to measure the positions of atoms and their motions in solids. An example is given as to the relevance of this information to the development of solid state lasers.

Contact: Jason CJ Lim
65-646-65775 x247
World Scientific

Public Release: 29-Jul-2014
Solving the 'secrecy dilemma' for democracies
National security secrets can benefit democracies, but only if there's a strong system in place to later dig those secrets up, a Michigan State University political scientist finds in a new book.

Contact: Andy Henion
Michigan State University

Public Release: 29-Jul-2014
Book: 'The Beginning and the End'
Grounded in science and committed to philosophical rigor, the book The Beginning and the End presents an evolutionary worldview where the rise of intelligent life is not an accident, but may well be the key to unlocking the universe's deepest mysteries. The author Clément Vidal shows how the fine-tuning controversy can be advanced with computer simulations.

Contact: Joan Robinson

Public Release: 29-Jul-2014
Unique images bring fossil insects back to life
A groundbreaking new book that brings together two of the major disciplines behind 'Jurassic Park' is aiming to raise the profile of insect fossils through stunning photographs and unique illustrations.

Contact: Morwenna Grills
University of Manchester

Public Release: 25-Jul-2014
University of Houston researcher publishes textbook on tissue engineering
Ravi Birla, associate professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Houston, has published his first book, 'Introduction to Tissue Engineering: Applications and Challenges.' The book offers a comprehensive guide to entering the field of artificial organ development.

Contact: Jeannie Kever
University of Houston

Public Release: 24-Jul-2014
What constitutes an effective response to the global 'diabesity' tsunami?
This text describes the enormous global efforts expended in the attempt to prevent diabetes by implementing prevention programs in even the remotest communities. Although considerable progress is being made, clearly, much more needs to done. Effective coordination of governmental and non-governmental organizations, food and agricultural industries, regional and local health authorities, the practicing and academic medical communities is required with considerable investment of financial and other resources if the 'diabesity' tsunami is to be thwarted.

Contact: Jason Lim
65-646-65775 x247
World Scientific

Public Release: 22-Jul-2014
'Mom the Chemistry Professor'
When is the 'right' time? How can women meet the demands of a professorship while caring for a young family? Choosing to become a mother has a profound effect on the career path of women holding academic positions, especially in the physical sciences. Yet many women successfully manage to do both. In 'Mom the Chemistry Professor,' published by Springer, 15 inspirational personal accounts describe the challenges and rewards of combining motherhood with an academic career.

Contact: Joan Robinson

Public Release: 21-Jul-2014
International Space Station researcher guides aim to maximize science
The International Space Station Program Science Office's new 15-book Researcher's Guide Series launched online on May 14 with three books already available for download and online viewing.

Contact: Laura Niles
NASA/Johnson Space Center

Public Release: 21-Jul-2014
'Beyond the North-South Culture Wars'
The book 'Beyond the North-South Culture Wars,' published by Springer, explores the conflicts which exist between northern and southern Australia. Increasingly, Australia's agriculturalists are looking to the nation's north to escape the decline in southern Australia's water and soil resources. Booming mineral and gas development is also helping to drive the nation's economic success. At the same time, the south's conservation sector would like to see much of the north preserved as iconic wilderness.

Contact: Joan Robinson

Showing releases 26-36 out of 36.

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