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Public Release: 9-Feb-2015
Is there harm in sexting?
A new book released this week by a researcher at the University of Colorado Denver examines the social conversations around sexting. In her book 'Sexting Panic' Dr. Amy Hasinoff, a professor of Communication at CU Denver, discusses how teenage sexting -- sending sexually explicit images or text messages over cell phones and social media -- is thought about, talked about, and regulated.

Contact: Emily Williams
University of Colorado Denver

Public Release: 6-Feb-2015
Building a town house from bio-based plastics
A newly published book '3-D Printing with Biomaterials' explores the promises of 3-D printing with biomaterials towards a sustainable and circular economy.
TU Delft Open Access Fund

Contact: Ad van Wijk
IOS Press

Public Release: 2-Feb-2015
IU Media School professor's new book examines implications of an aging workforce
An Indiana University Media School professor's new book brings readers face-to-face with the unavoidable truth that the population is going to have to work longer as life expectancy improves, and companies and policymakers will play key roles in making this workforce transition possible and successful.
Social Science Research Center

Contact: George Vlahakis
Indiana University

Public Release: 2-Feb-2015
Renowned standardization & quality expert explains essentials of these disciplines
The book 'Standards & Quality' deals with: The principles of voluntary standardization, its benefits and relation to mandatory technical regulation, national & international standards organizations, conformity to standards, certification and accreditation, role of standards in trade facilitation and the World Trade Organization, quality and quality management systems (including ISO 9000 and Six-Sigma approaches), brief description of environmental management systems and an overview of other management systems and the role of metrology and the quality infrastructure.

Contact: Jason CJ
646-65775 x247
World Scientific

Public Release: 30-Jan-2015
Recreating Dick Tracy's wrist radio with the expected arrival of Apple Watch
With the much anticipated arrival of the Apple Watch in April, this article looks into the haptic and telexistence technologies behind the latest iDevice's bells and whistles.

Contact: Philly Lim
World Scientific

Showing releases 26-30 out of 30.

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