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Public Release: 4-Nov-2014
Worldwide retreat of glaciers confirmed in unprecedented detail
Taking their name from the old Scottish term glim, meaning a passing look or glance, in 1994 a team of scientists began developing a world-wide initiative to study glaciers using satellite data. Now 20 years later, the international GLIMS initiative observes the world's glaciers primarily using data from optical satellite instruments such as ASTER and Landsat.

Contact: Joan Robinson

Public Release: 4-Nov-2014
Undergraduate STEM Education Coalition releases sourcebook on achieving systemic reforms
The Coalition for Reform of Undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education today announced the release of 'Achieving Systemic Change: A Sourcebook for Advancing and Funding Undergraduate STEM Education.' The publication, edited by Catherine L. Fry, features findings developed in a workshop held at the American Association for the Advancement of Science that brought together representatives from foundations and science, technology, engineering and mathematics education experts and members of higher education associations.
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Contact: Barry Toiv
Association of American Universities

Public Release: 3-Nov-2014
Anthropologist's new book examines newspaper cartoons' importance to politics and culture
University of Texas Arlington cultural anthropologist Ritu Khanduri examines newspaper cartoons' importance to politics and culture in new book.

Contact: Bridget Lewis
University of Texas at Arlington

Public Release: 3-Nov-2014
Women's sexual journey is usually an evolution, not revolution
From motherhood to menopause, from marriage to divorce, women's sexual experiences have profound -- and often unexpected -- effects on not just their sexuality, but also on their feelings of self-worth, according to a Penn State Abington sociologist.

Contact: Matt Swayne
Penn State

Public Release: 28-Oct-2014
Partnership produces recommendations for managers to respond to climate change
A new report released today identifies natural resources that will be sensitive to a warmer climate in the North Cascades and offers management responses that will minimize adverse impacts on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Contact: Rachel LaMedica
USDA Forest Service - Pacific Northwest Research Station

Public Release: 28-Oct-2014
Small is beautiful!
Quantitatively, mathematically, and scientifically speaking, Mother Nature is very picky, artistic, and discriminating in her daily work and constructions, and so her unique style of creation typically yields many small quantities but very few big quantities. When this pattern is being carefully measured in a rigorous statistical way it shows an almost exact proportion between occurrences of relative quantities across all types of data!

Contact: Jason CJ
646-65775 x247
World Scientific

Public Release: 27-Oct-2014
'Contingent Convertibles: A Potent Instrument for Financial Reform'
Dr. von Furstenberg shows compellingly why and how Cocos, an instrument for financial stability, should be more widely used.

Contact: Jason Lim
646-65775 x247
World Scientific

Public Release: 27-Oct-2014
Multi-sensory environment research influences dementia care
A guide released at the Inside Out Festival in London has shed new light on the positive impact multi-sensory environments can have when caring for people living with dementia.

Contact: Becky Attwood
University of Southampton

Public Release: 23-Oct-2014
World population likely to peak by 2070
New population projections from IIASA researchers provide a fundamentally improved view of future population, structured by age, sex, and level of education, which differ from recent projections by the United Nations.

Contact: Katherine Leitzell
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

Public Release: 23-Oct-2014
Distant planets provide a glimpse of the future of Earth's oceans
The impact of climate change and over-exploitation on oceans is explored in new book by Leicester geologists.

Contact: Mark Williams
University of Leicester

Public Release: 23-Oct-2014
How safe is 'safe' when using the Internet as a communication channel?
With information transfers taking place more commonly on the Internet nowadays, via email or electronic payment systems like PayPal, the integrity of the internet as a secure means for communication has become an obsession that is very real to both end-users, and the programmers behind the digital technology.

Contact: Jason CJ
646-65775 x247
World Scientific

Public Release: 20-Oct-2014
Pipeline to replenish vanishing Dead Sea a bridge to Mid-East security, peace: Book
A massive 180 km pipeline-canal megaproject to bring water from the Red Sea could prevent the Dead Sea from disappearing while improving the region's environmental, energy and peace prospects, according to a book of insights into major global topics launched today by an association of 40 former government leaders and heads of state and UN University's Institute for Water, Environment and Health.

Contact: Terry Collins
United Nations University

Showing releases 51-62 out of 62.

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