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20-Nov-2014 23:29
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Public Release: 22-Sep-2014
Cowpea book published by Crop Science Society of America
BB Singh devoted his life to studying this important crop that 'closes the protein gap.'

Contact: Susan V. Fisk
American Society of Agronomy

Public Release: 21-Sep-2014
Researchers uncover the frontiers of R&D in medical imaging
A large part of modern medical development is medical imaging which has played an increasingly important role for health monitoring, disease detection and treatments. The devices and machines for medical imaging cannot provide proper information without using image processing, pattern recognition, and computer vision techniques. These are areas of active research development which are well covered in this book by leading experts in the areas.

Contact: Jason CJ Lim
64-646-65775 x247
World Scientific

Showing releases 51-52 out of 52.

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