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Public Release: 3-Dec-2014
Guidebook focuses on ecosystem service approach to decision making
A new online resource, the Federal Resource Management and Ecosystem Services Guidebook, helps resource managers account for the benefits nature provides, such as the coastal protection offered by oyster beds or carbon sequestered in soils that help to stabilize climate.
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Contact: Karl Bates
Duke University

Public Release: 3-Dec-2014
Could artificial intelligence put words into Stephen Hawking's mouth?
Can machines think? Are they conscious of their own attempts to recognize the problem, and understand the problem by forming a perception from sensory information gathered and concepts stored in our memories -- so as to develop a strategy, either inductively and deductively, to work out a solution and make a decision to act on an option? Igor Aleksander examines the issue of machine consciousness in his new edition of his book 'Impossible Minds.'

Contact: Philly Lim
World Scientific

Public Release: 2-Dec-2014
UT Arlington book decries methods of the recording industry in the digital age
A new book by a UT Arlington assistant professor reveals how large corporations exploited new technologies to maintain their stranglehold on the music industry.

Contact: Herb Booth
University of Texas at Arlington

Public Release: 2-Dec-2014
2014 Logan Symposium
The hacker culture: Creatively overcoming limitations in programming
Chopping games in Warsaw, hacking software in Athens, creating chaos in Hamburg, and partying with computing in Zagreb and Amsterdam: the newly published Springer book 'Hacking Europe' focuses on several European countries at the end of the Cold War and shows that the digital development was not an exclusively American affair. The collection of essays in this book demonstrates how local hacker communities appropriated the computer and forged new cultures around creating distinct 'demoscenes.'

Contact: Laura Zimmermann

Showing releases 51-54 out of 54.

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