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23-Nov-2014 17:29
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Public Release: 13-Nov-2014
Award for research to stop bone destruction and tooth loss in gum disease
Researchers from Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry have received one of the prestigious 2014 Oral and Dental Research Trust-GSK Research Awards from the British Society of Oral and Dental Research, for a research project which seeks to re-program the immune system to stop bone destruction and tooth loss in severe gum disease.
The British Society for Oral and Dental Research, GlaxoSmithKline

Contact: Andrew Gould
University of Plymouth

Public Release: 13-Nov-2014
Software to automatically outline bones in X-rays
Research into disorders such as arthritis is to be helped by new software developed at the University of Manchester which automatically outlines bones -- saving thousands of hours of manual work.
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Contact: Jamie Brown
University of Manchester

Public Release: 13-Nov-2014
Seven new projects announced by the UK's Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund
The UK research charity, the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund, has invested £1.2 million into seven ambitious new research projects. The announcement coincides with World Pancreatic Cancer Day -- a collaboration between pancreatic cancer charities and organizations around the world to raise awareness of the cancer that has seen barely any improvement in survival rates for 40 years.
Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund

Contact: Becky Tanner
Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund

Public Release: 12-Nov-2014
Brain & Behavior Research Foundation awards NARSAD Distinguished Investigator Grants
The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation today announced the award of NARSAD Distinguished Investigator Grants valued at $1.5 million to 15 scientists, who are full professors or the equivalent, conducting innovative projects in diverse areas of neurobiological and behavioral research. Recipients of the $100,000, one-year grants are seeking new potential targets for understanding and treating psychiatric disorders that affect one in four people, including schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and forms of substance abuse.
Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

Contact: Nadine Woloshin
Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

Public Release: 12-Nov-2014
BMC awarded $21 million NIH grant to investigate tuberculosis, improve treatment
Boston Medical Center has been awarded a grant from the National Institutes of Health to investigate why Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection affects individuals so differently.
NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease

Contact: Jenny Eriksen Leary
Boston University Medical Center

Public Release: 12-Nov-2014
Dartmouth researchers test first 'smart spaces' using light to send data
One of the problems in the high-tech field of visible light communication -- or using light to send data wirelessly -- is decidedly low tech: The data transmission stops whenever the light is blocked by people's movements, shadows or other obstacles. But Dartmouth researchers are experimenting with the first 'smart spaces' that feature an interplay of algorithms, ceiling-mounted LEDs and light sensors embedded in floors and in smart devices, enabling a continuous flow of data wirelessly.
National Science Foundation

Contact: John Cramer
Dartmouth College

Public Release: 12-Nov-2014
Dr. Barrance of Kessler Foundation awarded $600,000 NIDRR grant to study arthritis of knee
Peter Barrance, Ph.D., of Kessler Foundation, was awarded a three-year field-initiated grant by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research. Dr. Barrance, senior research scientist in Human Performance & Engineering Research, will use weight-bearing MRI to study the effects of in-shoe orthoses in individuals with osteoarthritis of the knee. Dr. Peter Barrance is the study's principal investigator and Jeffrey Cole, M.D., at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation is the physician co-investigator.
NIH/National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research

Contact: Carolann Murphy
Kessler Foundation

Public Release: 12-Nov-2014
Improving seniors' mental function is goal of NIH grant to IU School of Medicine
Indiana University School of Medicine researchers have been awarded a $2.5 million National Institutes of Health grant to evaluate the advantages of physical exercise, cognitive exercise or a combination of both on the aging brain.
NIH/National Institute on Aging

Contact: Mary Hardin
Indiana University

Public Release: 12-Nov-2014
CWRU nursing school receives $2.35 million to study brain-health behavior change link
A five-year, $2.35 million grant from the National Institute of Nursing Research will allow researchers from the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University to study how brain activity motivates the chronically ill to manage their illnesses.
NIH/National Institute of Nursing Research

Contact: Susan Griffith
Case Western Reserve University

Public Release: 12-Nov-2014
$2.5 million grant to support cancer research breakthroughs
Australian cancer researchers will gain access to first-in-Australia technology through new funding from Australian Cancer Research Foundation to the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. The $2.5 million grant will allow the establishment of the ACRF Breakthrough Technologies Laboratory, providing new insights into how cancer develops, and how it can be more effectively treated. The laboratory is one of four initiatives announced by ACRF last night.
Australian Cancer Research Foundation

Contact: Vanessa Solomon
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Public Release: 11-Nov-2014
Infectious diseases researcher wins $1.225 million fellowship
Dr. Marc Pellegrini is one of three researchers to this year be awarded a 2014 Sylvia and Charles Viertel Charitable Foundation Senior Medical Research Fellowship.
Sylvia and Charles Viertel Charitable Foundation

Contact: Alan Gill
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Public Release: 11-Nov-2014
UH receives $1.5 million grant to prepare future cybersecurity workers
With breaches in data on the rise, cybersecurity is a growing concern. The University of Houston has been awarded a $1.5 million CyberCorps grant from the National Science Foundation to train students in this increasingly important area of national security. The congressionally mandated CyberCorps Scholarship for Service program is aimed at increasing and strengthening the cadre of information assurance professionals who protect the government's critical information infrastructure.
National Science Foundation

Contact: Lisa Merkl
University of Houston

Public Release: 11-Nov-2014
Scientists build a better eye on our world
Science begins with observation, and defining moments in scientific progress followed the introduction of new ways to observe the world, from microscopes and telescopes to X-rays and MRIs. The Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago has been awarded a $3 million National Science Foundation grant to develop an extraordinary new camera -- really an array of dozens of video cameras -- that can capture images in 360 degrees and three dimensions.
National Science Foundation

Contact: Jeanne Galatzer-Levy
University of Illinois at Chicago

Public Release: 10-Nov-2014
Georgia State faculty awarded $750,000 grant to train rehabilitation counselors
Three faculty members in the College of Education's Department of Counseling and Psychological Services have been awarded a five-year, $750,000 grant from the US Department of Education's Rehabilitation Services Administration to prepare rehabilitation counselors to work with people with mental illness.
US Department of Education

Contact: Angela Turk
Georgia State University

Public Release: 10-Nov-2014
USC stem cell researcher Lori O'Brien receives the first Broad Fellowship
What makes stem cells develop into kidneys? Lori O'Brien, a postdoctoral research associate in the laboratory of Andy McMahon, has received the first Broad Fellowship to help answer this question.
Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation

Contact: Cristy Lytal
University of Southern California - Health Sciences

Public Release: 10-Nov-2014
Record grant will continue inner-city asthma research
The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health, has awarded the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health a seven-year, $70 million grant for its continuing work on the Inner-City Asthma Consortium -- a nationwide clinical research network to evaluate and develop promising new immune-based treatments. The goal of the work is to reduce the severity of asthma in inner-city children.
NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Contact: Gian Galassi
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Public Release: 10-Nov-2014
Getting the salt out
Pitt engineering researchers receive nearly $500,000 DOE grant to explore new cost-effective method to treat high-saline water.
US Department of Energy

Contact: Paul Kovach
University of Pittsburgh

Public Release: 10-Nov-2014
Researcher sees laptop-cooling technology as way to less-thirsty power plants
With a new grant from the NSF, Theodore Bergman is looking at how power plants might be cooled with 'closed thermosyphons' used to keep laptop computers from overheating.
National Science Foundation

Contact: Brendan M Lynch
University of Kansas

Public Release: 10-Nov-2014
UT Arlington computer scientist wins NSF grant to help bolster online privacy
A National Science Foundation grant will help Matthew Wright, UTA associate professor of computer science and engineering, study smarter ways to protect online privacy.
National Science Foundation

Contact: Herb Booth
University of Texas at Arlington

Public Release: 10-Nov-2014
Chicago Biomedical Consortium announces $3 million Infrastructure Initiative
The Chicago Biomedical Consortium (CBC) is announcing a $3 million Infrastructure Initiative to promote investment in high-impact, next-generation scientific equipment at its member universities. The Initiative aims to make modern and powerful tools available to the CBC research community at a time when federal grants for scientific infrastructure are scarce. The Infrastructure Initiative builds upon a previous agreement by giving each university $1 million to acquire novel, state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation to be shared under the Open Access Initiative.
Chicago Biomedical Consortium

Contact: Kevin Jiang
University of Chicago Medical Center

Public Release: 9-Nov-2014
Ben-Gurion U. Prof. Zvi Bentwich receives Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant
The funding will help support mass drug eradication efforts against these infections by implementing in parallel a health education campaign run by local students with the provision of clean water and sanitation facilities. Behavioral change and hygiene are essential for the eradication of many diseases.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Contact: Andrew Lavin
American Associates, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Public Release: 7-Nov-2014
LSTM awarded nearly £4 million in grants for pneumococcal research
Respiratory specialists at Liverpool School Tropical Medicine have been awarded two substantial research grants to further develop and utilize their Experimental Human Pneumococcal Carriage model.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Medical Research Council

Contact: Clare Bebb
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Public Release: 6-Nov-2014
Konza Prairie research program receives $6.76 million NSF grant renewal
The National Science Foundation renewed Konza Prairie Long-Term Ecological Research program with a $6.76 million grant.
National Science Foundation

Contact: John Blair
Kansas State University

Public Release: 5-Nov-2014
New funding speeds identification of drugs to prevent Alzheimer's
The National Institutes of Health has boosted funding for the first large-scale clinical trial aimed at identifying drugs to stop or slow Alzheimer's disease in people destined to get the debilitating illness.
NIH/National Institute on Aging

Contact: Michael C. Purdy
Washington University School of Medicine

Public Release: 5-Nov-2014
UTSA biology professor awarded $300,000 NSF grant for brain research
UTSA College of Sciences biology professor Fidel Santamaria is one of 36 in the nation to receive a two-year Early Concept Grant for Exploratory Research grant from the National Science Foundation. The $300,000 funding grant supports President Obama's efforts to support researchers to create new technology to demystify complex brain processes.
National Science Foudation

Contact: Kris Rodriguez
University of Texas at San Antonio

Showing releases 26-50 out of 105.

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