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Public Release: 24-Jun-2015
LSU receives $18.5 million NIH grant to build biomedical research pipeline
LSU has received an $18.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Healthto support an Institutional Development Award, or IDeA, Network of Biomedical Research Excellence, or INBRE. The IDeA program builds research capacities in states that historically have had low levels of NIH funding by supporting basic, clinical and translational research; faculty development; and infrastructure improvements.
National Institutes of Health

Contact: Ginger Guttner
Louisiana State University

Public Release: 24-Jun-2015
NIFA grant aims to assure food safety in urban gardens of Detroit
A team of researchers led by Wayne State University has recently launched an initiative to determine the prevalence of contaminants in urban agriculture soil in Detroit, establish linkages among the contaminants and identify the agricultural risk factors for the contamination. The team was recently awarded more than $293,000 from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture of the United States Department of Agriculture for the project, 'An integrated approach to ensuring food safety and sustainability in urban agriculture in the greater Detroit area.'
National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Contact: Julie O'Connor
Wayne State University - Office of the Vice President for Research

Public Release: 24-Jun-2015
UAlberta partnership could be a 'game-changer' for cancer patients
A multimillion dollar research partnership announced at the University of Alberta is giving a 'dream team' of researchers the opportunity to potentially transform cancer treatment and better patient outcomes. The team, led by Khaled Barakat, includes world-renowned leaders in oncology, virology, immunology, chemistry, dentistry and pharmaceutical sciences, and intends to use small molecules aimed at specific targeted binding sites to jumpstart the body's T cells to fight off cancer.
Alberta Cancer Foundation, Li Ka Shing Institute of Applied Virology

Contact: Sandra Pysklywyc
University of Alberta

Public Release: 24-Jun-2015
University of Illinois awarded $3.1 million to develop all-terrain rovers for high-throughput field phenotyping
The University of Illinois announced that is has been awarded a two-year, $3.1 million grant from the DOE Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy. The U. of I. will be the lead institution on the Mobile Energy-crop Phenotyping Platform, working in partnership with researchers from Cornell University and Signetron Inc.
US Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy

Contact: Haley Ahlers
Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Public Release: 24-Jun-2015
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists receives MacArthur Award
The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists announced today that it is receiving a two-year, $450,000 grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to support two new Bulletin initiatives: a museum display about the past and future of nuclear energy, and a second project about communicating science to the public.
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Contact: Janice Sinclaire
SAGE Publications

Public Release: 24-Jun-2015
Brain imaging technique receives NIH grant
A biomedical engineer at the Cockrell School of Engineering has received a $1.8 million NIH grant to advance his light-based technique for imaging blood flow across the brain. The device could be used to help with aneurysm surgery, or when treating other malformations in the brain. The grant will allow the engineering team and a partner physician to continue to develop the device, and test it in humans.
National Institutes of Health

Contact: Sandra Zaragoza
University of Texas at Austin

Public Release: 24-Jun-2015
Scripps scientists awarded $3.5 million to expand development of new diabetes therapies
Scientists from the Florida campus of the Scripps Research Institute have been awarded $3.5 million from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases of the National Institutes of Health to accelerate development of a new class of anti-diabetic compounds.
NIH/National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Contact: Eric Sauter
Scripps Research Institute

Public Release: 24-Jun-2015
Conrad Prebys donates $100 million to Sanford-Burnham
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute (Sanford-Burnham) announced today that it has received a gift of $100 million from prominent San Diego developer, philanthropist, and Sanford-Burnham honorary trustee Conrad Prebys. This is the largest donation ever made by Prebys and will be used to further implement the Institute's 10-year strategic vision to accelerate the delivery of innovative new treatments that will have a tangible impact on improving human health.

Contact: Patrick Bartosch
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute

Public Release: 23-Jun-2015
SwRI, UTSA invest in 2 new joint research projects
Southwest Research Institute and the University of Texas at San Antonio announce the selection of two new research projects to receive $125,000 each through the Connecting through Research Partnerships Program. Funding begins Sept. 1, 2015. The projects will investigate sustainable biofuels and a vaccine to prevent chlamydia.
Connecting through Research Partnerships Program

Contact: Christi Fish
University of Texas at San Antonio

Public Release: 23-Jun-2015
Innovative research probing causes of preterm birth funded by the March of Dimes
Five scientists were awarded 2015 March of Dimes Prematurity Research Initiative grants, to improve understanding of the biology of labor and delivery and discover what triggers the onset of preterm labor. What they learn could advance development of drugs and treatments to prevent preterm birth. They are looking at the placental microbiome, in genes that control cervical ripening, in the uterine muscle cells, and amniotic sac (bag of water) that surrounds the baby.
March of Dimes

Contact: Elizabeth Lynch
March of Dimes Foundation

Public Release: 23-Jun-2015
Shining a stochastic spotlight on Ebola
Lehigh engineers were recently awarded a one-year Collaborative Research (CORE) Grant from the University to apply stochastic modeling to the spread of Ebola. Their goal is to use the model to develop more effective methods of predicting, mapping and responding to disease outbreaks and natural disasters, and to expand their collaboration in the long term to include social scientists and economists.
Lehigh University Collaborative Research (CORE) Grant

Contact: Jordan Reese
Lehigh University

Public Release: 23-Jun-2015
How will cold-loving Antarctic fish respond to warming ocean waters?
Climate change will be a real shock to Antarctic fishes' physiological systems, says Northeastern professor William Detrich. With a new NSF grant, he will study how rising ocean temperatures will affect the development of the embryos of these fish and the growth of juveniles after hatching.
National Science Foundation

Contact: Jessica Caragher
Northeastern University

Public Release: 23-Jun-2015
With NIH award, professor aims to ease a 'bottleneck' in vaccine development
North­eastern pro­fessor of chem­ical engi­neering Shashi Murthy has received a four-year, $1.4 mil­lion award from the National Insti­tutes of Health to develop a novel instru­ment that would auto­mate an impor­tant process used in cre­ating effec­tive vaccines.
National Institutes of Health

Contact: Jessica Caragher
Northeastern University

Public Release: 22-Jun-2015
Canadian physics accelerator gets multimillion-dollar boost
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (PI) has forged strategic new partnerships that will inject more than $4 million into fundamental research, training, and outreach at the Institute.

Contact: Eamon O'Flynn
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Public Release: 22-Jun-2015
National Psoriasis Foundation awards half a million dollars in fellowships
Eleven early-career physicians each received a one-year, $50,000 National Psoriasis Foundation Medical Dermatology Fellowship to study psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. These fellowships will help increase the number of scientists studying and expertly treating psoriatic disease by encouraging up-and-coming doctors to dedicate their careers to these conditions.
National Psoriasis Foundation

Contact: Noe Baker
National Psoriasis Foundation

Public Release: 22-Jun-2015
Turning up the volume on prostate cancer
Rochester Institute of Technology professor Hans Schmitthenner is designing molecular imaging compounds that will selectively target prostate cancer cells and illuminate them with contrast dyes. An NIH grant is supporting the project and a team of undergraduate student researchers. The research is in the preclinical phase.
National Institutes of Health

Contact: Susan Gawlowicz
Rochester Institute of Technology

Public Release: 19-Jun-2015
NCI funds $3.1 million Fred Hutch clinical trial of a smoking-cessation smartphone app
Jonathan Bricker, Ph.D., a behavioral scientist at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington, has received a $3.1 million, five-year grant from the National Cancer Institute to conduct a randomized, controlled clinical trial of SmartQuit, a smoking-cessation smartphone app.
NIH/National Cancer Institute

Contact: Kristen Woodward
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Public Release: 19-Jun-2015
Engineer develops real-time listeria biosensor prototype
A Texas A&M AgriLife Research engineer and a Florida colleague have developed a biosensor that can detect listeria bacterial contamination within two or three minutes.
National Science Foundation

Contact: Robert Burns
Texas A&M AgriLife Communications

Public Release: 19-Jun-2015
BUSM researcher receives $1.6 million NIH grant for pneumonia research
Joseph Mizgerd, Sc.D., professor of medicine, microbiology and biochemistry at Boston University School of Medicine, and director of the University's Pulmonary Center, recently was awarded $1.6 million from the National Institutes of Health's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The four-year grant will be used to fund his project to better understand how immunity to pneumonia develops and how it protects certain individuals.
NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Contact: Gina DiGravio
Boston University Medical Center

Public Release: 19-Jun-2015
Danitza Nébor's personal mission to find a cure for sickle-cell disease
For Jackson Laboratory postdoctoral associate Danitza Nébor, Ph.D., studying sickle-cell disease isn't just a research project: it's a personal mission.
American Society of Hematology

Contact: Joyce Peterson
Jackson Laboratory

Public Release: 19-Jun-2015
Professor Andreas Peter Ruediger made an honorary Fellow of the MUAS
Professor Andreas Peter Ruediger of the Energy Materials Telecommunication Research Centre at INRS has been made an honorary Fellow of the Munich University of Applied Sciences. The university also awarded him a fellowship that will enable him to continue his teaching and research activities as a visiting professor in the Department of Applied Sciences and Mechatronics. He is one of four winners of fellowships offered by the university to international researchers in 2015-2016.
Munich University of Applied Sciences

Contact: Gisèle Bolduc
Institut national de la recherche scientifique - INRS

Public Release: 19-Jun-2015
Carrying a table together with a robot
Researchers on CogIMon, a new project starting at Bielefeld University, want to teach robots how to interact with humans and work together to accomplish tasks. CogIMon stands for 'cognitive compliant interaction in motion.' This research group is working on humanoid as well as industrial robots. The project is coordinated by Professor Dr. Jochen Steil of CoR-Lab, the research institution on cognition and robotics at Bielefeld University.
Horizon 2020

Contact: Dr. Jochen Steil
Bielefeld University

Public Release: 19-Jun-2015
Brain inflammation targeted in first drug discovery project from £3 million Dementia Consortium
Funding worth nearly half a million pounds will unite academics at the University of Southampton with drug discovery experts at the medical research charity MRC Technology, to target the immune system in the hunt for new treatments for Alzheimer's disease.
MRC Technology, Alzheimer's Research UK, Eisai, Lilly

Contact: Glenn Harris
University of Southampton

Public Release: 18-Jun-2015
Research to help soldiers with IED injuries supported with new $1 million DoD grant
In the past two years, Reilly's created a model for optic nerve trauma, which is a common injury for soldiers hit by IEDs. He just received a $1 million grant from the Department of Defense. The only other treatment is using steroids, Reilly said, but clinics avoid that because it can frequently cause death in people with brain injuries. The lack of a suitable model has been the biggest obstacle to finding alternatives for treatment.
The Department of Defense

Contact: Joanna Carver
University of Texas at San Antonio

Public Release: 18-Jun-2015
Danforth Center receives $8 million for big data research program for bioenergy crop
This is a new research program to unleash the potential of energy sorghum.

Contact: Melanie Bernds
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

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