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Public Release: 15-Apr-2016
NASA awards UTARI researcher $1 million to develop better models for rotor spar fatigue
The University of Texas at Arlington and the UTA Research Institute will develop state-of-the-art computational methodologies to predict the strength and life of rotor blade assemblies, known as rotor spars, through a new $1 million agreement.

Contact: Herb Booth
University of Texas at Arlington

Public Release: 14-Apr-2016
JCU scientists develop the first 'pharmalogical' tourniquet
Internal blood loss is a major cause of death following traumatic injury. JCU scientists have developed a pharmacological treatment to reduce abdominal bleeding by up to 60%. The new fluid therapy has wide applications for the military in combat zones, and treating civilians, especially in remote areas. The project has just received an additional grant of more than $500,000 from US Special Operations Command to develop the treatment.
US Department of Defence

Contact: Alistair Bone
James Cook University

Public Release: 14-Apr-2016
Measuring drought impact in more than dollars and cents
Two Vanderbilt University doctoral students has assembled a multi-disciplinary team of graduate students from around the country to conduct a multi-faceted study of how people are affected by and responding to drought conditions in the United States.
National Science Foundation

Contact: David F Salisbury
Vanderbilt University

Public Release: 14-Apr-2016
Antibiotics may have lasting impact on the immune system of children
Scientists want to know whether taking antibiotics early in life can disrupt your immune system function lifelong. Regardless of our age, antibiotics at least temporarily wipe out many of the good gut bacteria, or microbiota, that help us digest and use food and eliminate waste. That may be particularly problematic for children because, up to about age 3, this useful group of bacteria also is helping educate their immune system about what to ignore and what to attack.
National Institutes of Health

Contact: Toni Baker
Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University

Public Release: 14-Apr-2016
Hastings to address profound questions about human gene editing
The Hastings Center has launched an international project that focuses on the social and ethical implications of using powerful gene editing methods on human germline cells (embryos, sperm, and eggs). Such methods would create permanent changes passed on from one generation to the next. These technologies, especially CRISPR-Cas9, have raised unprecedented hopes for benefiting human health, with scientists around the world working intensively with gene editing to find novel ways to treat cancer and other gene-based diseases.
Templeton Foundation

Contact: Susan Gilbert
845-424-4040 x244
The Hastings Center

Public Release: 14-Apr-2016
Researchers hunt for the causes and basis of wheat sensitivities
Up to five percent of all people who eat wheat products suffer from wheat sensitivities. These are immunological responses to wheat and related cereals such as spelt, rye, and barley, and include celiac disease, wheat allergy, and non-celiac-non allergy wheat sensitivity. Now doctors and biomedical and agricultural researchers at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the University of Hohenheim have joined forces to study these disorders, especially NCWS.
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, German Research Foundation

Contact: Detlef Schuppan
Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz

Public Release: 14-Apr-2016
Wayne State receives $2.5 million NIH grant to shape next generation of antibiotics
Researchers at Wayne State University recently received a $2.5 million grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the National Institutes of Health for a study that aims to shape the next generation of antibiotics for the treatment of multidrug-resistant diseases.
NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Contact: Julie O'Connor
Wayne State University - Office of the Vice President for Research

Public Release: 14-Apr-2016
Penn researcher to lead $2.5 million PCORI project to examine dietary interventions for Crohn's
A national research study to focus on diet as a tool for managing Crohn's disease symptoms, led by James Lewis, M.D., M.S.C.E., a professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, on behalf of the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA), has been approved to receive a $2.5 million funding award by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).
Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute

Contact: Stephanie Simon
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Public Release: 14-Apr-2016
Miriam Hospital awarded $743,000 NIMH grant to create online sex ed resources to curb HIV in men
The National Institute of Mental Health has awarded The Miriam Hospital a five-year grant totaling $743,869 to study media influences on risk behaviors among young men who have sex with men and develop an online health media literacy intervention to help reduce HIV and sexually transmitted diseases among this population.
NIH/National Institute of Mental Health

Contact: Elena Falcone-Relvas

Public Release: 14-Apr-2016
Pincus Family Foundation partners with Temple to establish Urban Health Fellowship
The Pincus Family Foundation is partnering with the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University to establish the Pincus Family Foundation Urban Health Fellowship. The two-year Fellowship, made possible by a nearly $600,000 grant from the Pincus Family Foundation, will provide selected junior level health care professionals with the tools needed to implement innovative, community-driven, population-based health programs that improve the overall health of children living in the urban, distressed communities of North Philadelphia.
Pincus Family Foundation

Contact: Jeremy Walter
Temple University Health System

Public Release: 14-Apr-2016
Research aims to enhance understanding of poverty alleviation in refugee communities
The extent to which entrepreneurship is a catalyst for empowerment and poverty alleviation among women refugees in Arab countries is to be explored in new research led by Plymouth University in collaboration with the University of Nottingham.
Economic and Social Research Council, Department for International Development

Contact: Alan Williams
University of Plymouth

Public Release: 14-Apr-2016
FEMA study to test exercise regimen in preventing back injury in firefighters
The University of South Florida and Tampa Fire Rescue have launched a randomized controlled trial to assess the effectiveness of a worksite exercise regimen targeted to reduce the risk of low back injury and disability in firefighters -- a physically demanding occupation particularly prone to back problems that can lead to chronic pain and early retirement. A $1.3 million Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant, including support from the Florida Chiropractic Foundation, funds the large-scale prevention study.
Federal Emergency Management Agency, Florida Chiropractic Foundation for Education and Research

Contact: Anne DeLotto Baier
University of South Florida (USF Health)

Public Release: 14-Apr-2016
Bioethicists will explore the issues and lessons of the Zika crisis
With funding from the Wellcome Trust, an interdisciplinary team of scholars will focus on issues of ethics and research in pregnancy and women of reproductive age, beginning with the current Zika context and later expanding to general public health research.
Wellcome Trust

Contact: Leah Ramsay
Johns Hopkins Medicine

Public Release: 14-Apr-2016
ERC Advanced Grants: €647 million from the EU to 277 senior research leaders
The European Research Council has announced today the awarding of its prestigious Advanced Grants to 277 senior researchers. The funding, worth in total €647 million, will enable them to pursue their most promising ideas and carry out frontier research with potentially ground-breaking impact on science and society beyond. The grants are awarded under the 'excellent science' pillar of Horizon 2020, the EU's research and innovation program.
European Research Council

Contact: Marcin monko
European Research Council

Public Release: 13-Apr-2016
Undergraduate students come to RIT for research experience in computational sensing
Undergraduate students from around the country will try their hand at research as part of an upcoming Research Experience for Undergraduates at Rochester Institute of Technology. The REU Site in Computational Sensing is funded by a nearly $360,000 grant from the National Science Foundation. The three-year program, starting in May, will allow 10 undergraduate students to attend a 10-week program at RIT each summer.
National Science Foundation

Contact: Scott Bureau
Rochester Institute of Technology

Public Release: 13-Apr-2016
Helping asthma patients breathe easier
The possibility of a future without asthma is what really inspires renowned allergist Harissios Vliagoftis. In his role as the newly appointed GSK-CIHR Chair in Airway Inflammation, Vliagoftis aims to help make this possibility a reality. Thanks to a partnership between the University of Alberta, GlaxoSmithKline Inc. (GSK), and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, initially established in May 2011, Vliagoftis' research activities will continue through to 2020 with funding of just over $1.3 million.
GlaxoSmithKline Inc., Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

Contact: Ross Neitz
University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Public Release: 13-Apr-2016
Understanding ocean processes
Geographer Timothy DeVries receives a grant to use satellite data for gaining a better understanding of the ocean's biological carbon pump.
NASA's New (Early Career) Investigator Program (NIP) in Earth Science

Contact: Julie Cohen
University of California - Santa Barbara

Public Release: 13-Apr-2016
Volkswagen Foundation funds 4 German-Ukrainian-Russian research projects at TU Dresden
TU Dresden scientists will work closely together with Russian and Ukrainian scientists in four new research projects, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation with a total amount of approximately €250,000 per project.
Volkswagen Foundation

Contact: Kim-Astrid Magister
Technische Universität Dresden

Public Release: 12-Apr-2016
UC San Diego scientists receive $9.5 million NIH grant to combat antibiotic resistance
Researchers at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have received a five-year, $9.5-million award from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health to establish an interdisciplinary center to define the systems biology of antibiotic resistance. The program will be led by Bernhard Palsson, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Bioengineering and Pediatrics, and Victor Nizet, M.D., professor of pediatrics and pharmacy.
NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Contact: Heather Buschman, PhD
University of California - San Diego

Public Release: 12-Apr-2016
Rush receives $14.5 Million to fight Alzheimer's
A $14.5 million NIA grant is supporting a new study led by researchers at Rush that aims to determine if an intervention known as the MIND diet can help prevent Alzheimer's disease.
NIH/National Institute of Aging, Nestle Health Institute

Contact: Nancy DiFiore
Rush University Medical Center

Public Release: 12-Apr-2016
The Miriam Hospital receives NIH grant to study benefits of stress management for chronic diseases
The Miriam Hospital's Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine received a $464,465 grant from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health of the National Institutes of Health to enable researchers to conduct a comprehensive, four-year study on the benefits of stress management interventions for chronic pain and illness.
NIH/National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

Contact: Elena Falcone-Relvas

Public Release: 12-Apr-2016
The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation awards $3.9 million in NARSAD grants
The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation today announced its 2016 Independent Investigator Grants, which award $3.9 million in funding to 40 mid-career scientists from 30 institutions in 16 countries for basic research, new technologies and next-generation therapies for schizophrenia, major affective disorders, and other serious mental illnesses. The foundation's Independent Investigator Grants provide $50,000 per year for up to two years to support investigators during the critical period between the initiation of research and the receipt of sustained funding.
Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

Contact: Nadine Woloshin
Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

Public Release: 12-Apr-2016
Cary Institute receives $5 million for study on reducing ticks, Lyme disease
The Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation has awarded a $5 million leadership grant to the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies to support a scientific study, being done in partnership with Bard College, that seeks to reduce Lyme disease in neighborhoods.
Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation

Contact: Lori Quillen
845-677-7600 x121
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Public Release: 11-Apr-2016
CHLA researcher awarded $1.665 million to study retinal development
David E. Cobrinik, M.D., Ph.D., of The Vision Center at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) has been awarded a four-year grant totaling $1.665 million from the National Eye Institute of the National Institutes of Health. The grant will support his study seeking to improve understanding of how cone photoreceptors develop.
NIH/National Eye Institute

Contact: Debra Kain
Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Public Release: 11-Apr-2016
HRL to develop next-generation inertial sensor technology
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded HRL Laboratories, LLC, $4.3 million to develop vibration- and shock-tolerant inertial sensor technology that enables future system accuracy needs without utilizing GPS.
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Contact: Michele Durant
HRL Laboratories

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