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Public Release: 12-Feb-2016

Ants were socializing -- and sparring -- nearly 100 million years ago, Rutgers study finds

Rutgers University
Public Release: 12-Feb-2016

New CU study confirms giant flightless bird wandered the Arctic 50 million years ago

University of Colorado at Boulder
Public Release: 12-Feb-2016

For a special Valentine? Beyond diamonds and gems: The world's rarest minerals

American Mineralogist
Public Release: 11-Feb-2016

Oldest footprints in Catalonia

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Public Release: 10-Feb-2016

Scientists from MIPT gain insights into 'forbidden' chemistry

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Public Release: 10-Feb-2016

Water plus magma = increased explosivity

Geological Society of America
Public Release: 9-Feb-2016

Fossils turn out to be a rich source of information

University of Bonn