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Public Release: 27-Feb-2015
Journal of Applied Ecology
Modern logging techniques benefit rainforest wildlife
New research has highlighted the value of a modern logging technique for maintaining biodiversity in tropical forests that are used for timber production.

Contact: Martin Herrema
University of Kent

Public Release: 27-Feb-2015
The sun has more impact on the climate in cool periods
The activity of the Sun is an important factor in the complex interaction that controls our climate. New research now shows that the impact of the Sun is not constant over time, but has greater significance when the Earth is cooler.

Contact: Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz
Aarhus University

Public Release: 26-Feb-2015
Economic models provide insights into global sustainability challenges
Using models that blend global economics, geography, ecology and environmental sciences is essential to understanding how changes in trade and natural systems in one part of the world affect those in another, a review concludes.
National Science Foundation, International Network of Research on Coupled Human and Natural Systems, Michigan State University, Michigan AgBioResearch

Contact: Natalie van Hoose
Purdue University

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Surface Forcing Time Series

Surface Forcing Time Series
These graphs show carbon dioxide's increasing greenhouse effect at two locations on the Earth's surface. The first graph shows carbon dioxide radiative forcing measurements obtained at a research ...

Contact: Dan Krotz
DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Lake Plankton Food Web

Lake Plankton Food Web
A Dartmouth College-led study finds plankton food webs consisting of zooplankton, algae and bacteria in lakes and ponds are impacted by autumn leaves and rising soil temperatures caused by climate ...

Contact: John Cramer
Dartmouth College

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