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DOE SCIENCE NEWS BY TOPIC: Biological Sciences
With the 21st Century dawns what many have called the "biological century," in which advances in biology—spurred by achievements in genomic research, including the sequencing of the human genome—will bring revolutionary and unconventional solutions to some of mankindís most pressing and expensive challenges in health, energy, the environment, and national security.



Researchers watch protein 'quake' after chemical bond break

Researchers watch protein 'quake' after chemical bond break

Scientists for the first time have precisely measured a protein's natural 'knee-jerk' reaction to the breaking of a chemical bond -- a quaking motion that propagated through the protein at the speed of sound.

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Finding the missing particles

For the past 20 years, a large portion of the particles measured in the atmosphere were missing from models. At best, models were able to explain one-tenth of the carbon-rich secondary organic aerosols measured in the air. The problem turned out to be a series of fundamental assumptions used in the models due to a lack of experimental data. All of the assumptions were proven false by Dr. Alla Zelenyuk and her colleagues.

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Finding the missing particles

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