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DOE SCIENCE NEWS BY TOPIC: Computational Sciences
Driven by rapid technological advances within the past two decades, computing and high-speed networking have emerged as powerful tools for science and are even changing the ways in which modern science is conducted. DOE is a national leader in the scientific computing field–supporting fundamental research in advanced scientific computing, applied mathematics, computer science, and networking. The DOE computational infrastructure provides world-class, high-performance computational and networking tools that enable scientific, energy, environmental, and national security research.



Imaging fuel injectors with neutrons

Imaging fuel injectors with neutrons

Researchers are using neutrons to study the formation of these damage-causing bubbles in fuel injectors.

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Materials scientists play atomic 'Jenga' and make a surprising discovery

Researchers got a surprise when they built a highly ordered lattice by layering thin films containing lanthanum, strontium, oxygen and iron. Although each layer had an intrinsically nonpolar (symmetric) distribution of electrical charges, the lattice had an asymmetric distribution of charges. The charge asymmetry creates an extra 'switch' that brings functionalities to materials when 'flipped' by external stimuli. The material defects induced polar behavior and can provide a new mechanism for manipulating electricity and magnetism in energy and information technologies.

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Materials scientists play atomic 'Jenga' and make a surprising discovery

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Decoding virus-host interactions in the oxygen-starved ocean
DOE/Joint Genome Institute

Sandia cyber-testing contributes to DHS Transition to Practice
DOE/Sandia National Laboratories

National Renewable Energy Laboratory updates cetane data used for development of energy efficient fuels and engines
DOE/National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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