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DOE SCIENCE NEWS BY TOPIC: Computational Sciences
Driven by rapid technological advances within the past two decades, computing and high-speed networking have emerged as powerful tools for science and are even changing the ways in which modern science is conducted. DOE is a national leader in the scientific computing field–supporting fundamental research in advanced scientific computing, applied mathematics, computer science, and networking. The DOE computational infrastructure provides world-class, high-performance computational and networking tools that enable scientific, energy, environmental, and national security research.



Carbon number crunching

Carbon number crunching

A booming economy and population led China to emerge in 2006 as the global leader in fossil-fuel carbon emissions, a distinction it still maintains. But exactly how much carbon China releases has been a topic of debate, with recent estimates varying by as much as 15 percent.

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Viral comparisons

An Oak Ridge National Laboratory team of comparative genomics and computational science researchers compared approximately 4,000 complete virus genomes downloaded from a public database known as GenBank. By compressing the sequence files, the team created a virus dendrogram that maps out the relationships among all the different virus families.

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Viral comparisons

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