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DOE research touches virtually every aspect of energy resources, production, conversion, efficiency, and waste mitigation. A central goal is to find ways to minimize the use of fossil fuels and maximize the use and efficiency of renewable energy sources such as water; the sun; wind; ocean waves, tides, and thermal energy; the earth’s heat; and biomass resources for biofuels (www.eere.energy.gov). DOE also seeks to generate, transmit, and use electricity and other energy sources much more efficiently and with higher capacity; explore the use of hydrogen in fuel and energy applications; develop clean coal technologies; optimize nuclear energy plants, and harness fusion as a completely new, economically and environmentally attractive energy source. (http://science.energy.gov/fes/ )



'Seeing' hydrogen atoms to unveil enzyme catalysis

'Seeing' hydrogen atoms to unveil enzyme catalysis

A multi-institutional research team led by Chris Dealwis from Case Western Reserve University has used the new IMAGINE instrument at Oak Ridge National Laboratory's High Flux Isotope Reactor to map an enzyme that could play an important role in anti-cancer drug development.

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2014's top-10 scientific achievements at Brookhaven Lab

From new insights into the building blocks of matter to advances in understanding batteries, superconductors, and a protein that could help fight cancer, 2014 was a year of stunning successes for the US Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory.

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2014's top-10 scientific achievements at Brookhaven Lab

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PNNL recognized for moving biofuel, chemical analysis innovations to market
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Los Alamos develops new technique for growing high-efficiency perovskite solar cells
DOE/Los Alamos National Laboratory

NREL scientist Brian Gregg named AAAS Fellow
DOE/National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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