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DOE research touches virtually every aspect of energy resources, production, conversion, efficiency, and waste mitigation. A central goal is to find ways to minimize the use of fossil fuels and maximize the use and efficiency of renewable energy sources such as water; the sun; wind; ocean waves, tides, and thermal energy; the earth’s heat; and biomass resources for biofuels (www.eere.energy.gov). DOE also seeks to generate, transmit, and use electricity and other energy sources much more efficiently and with higher capacity; explore the use of hydrogen in fuel and energy applications; develop clean coal technologies; optimize nuclear energy plants, and harness fusion as a completely new, economically and environmentally attractive energy source. (http://science.energy.gov/fes/ )



Organic photovoltaics experiments showcase HPC 'superfacility' concept

Organic photovoltaics experiments showcase HPC 'superfacility' concept

A collaborative effort linking the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with supercomputing resources at NERSC and the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility is yielding exciting results in organic photovoltaics research that could transform the way researchers use these facilities and improve scientific productivity in the process.

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Part II, Tackling grand challenges in geochemistry: Q&A with Andrew Stack

In this Q&A Andrew Stack, a geochemist at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, advances understanding of the dynamics of minerals underground. Stack and his team make discoveries that will help to improve our understanding of a wide range of energy-related issues, such as geologic storage of carbon dioxide, oil and gas discovery and development, and remediation of toxic contaminants. His current research spans three disciplines -- geology, chemistry and computing.

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Part II, Tackling grand challenges in geochemistry: Q&A with Andrew Stack

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DOE/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Sandia showcases biology breakthroughs available for licensing
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