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DOE research touches virtually every aspect of energy resources, production, conversion, efficiency, and waste mitigation. A central goal is to find ways to minimize the use of fossil fuels and maximize the use and efficiency of renewable energy sources such as water; the sun; wind; ocean waves, tides, and thermal energy; the earth’s heat; and biomass resources for biofuels (www.eere.energy.gov). DOE also seeks to generate, transmit, and use electricity and other energy sources much more efficiently and with higher capacity; explore the use of hydrogen in fuel and energy applications; develop clean coal technologies; optimize nuclear energy plants, and harness fusion as a completely new, economically and environmentally attractive energy source. (http://science.energy.gov/fes/ )



Carbon sequestration in New Mexico's Bravo Dome

Carbon sequestration in New Mexico's Bravo Dome

Emplacement of carbon dioxide at the Bravo Dome gas field in New Mexico began more than 900,000 years earlier than previously estimated, according to scientists at DOE's Center for Frontiers of Subsurface Energy Security. The study documents the first field evidence for the safe long-term storage of large amounts of carbon dioxide in saline aquifers.

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Intense lasers cook up complex, self-assembled nanomaterials

New technique developed at Brookhaven Lab makes nanoscale self-assembly 1,000 times faster and could be used for industrial-scale solar panels and electronics.

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Intense lasers cook up complex, self-assembled nanomaterials

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