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DOE SCIENCE NEWS BY TOPIC: Engineering and Technology

DOE laboratories operate many of the nation’s most sophisticated research facilities, including the nation’s largest high performance computing centers, the world’s highest energy proton collider, third-generation synchrotron light sources and high-flux neutron sources as well as specialized facilities for microcharacterization, materials synthesis, combustion research, ion beam studies, and fusion energy research. The agency’s research facilities have an enormous impact on science and technology ranging from the most fundamental constituents of matter to superconductor structure and the production of unique isotopes for defense applications.



OLCF researcher to work with clean combustion center at Saudi University

OLCF researcher to work with clean combustion center at Saudi University

High-fidelity simulations to help determine how engine knock develops and assist in predicting how the transition from smooth combustion to knocking occurs.

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Predicting performance

Lignin, a low-cost byproduct of the pulp, paper and biofuels industries, can be transformed into a cheaper version of highly engineered graphite through a simple and industrially scalable manufacturing process.

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Predicting performance

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American-made wind turbine blades
DOE/Sandia National Laboratories

Novel capability enables first test of real turbine engine conditions
DOE/Argonne National Laboratory

Want to print your own cell phone microscope for pennies? Here's how
DOE/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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