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DOE SCIENCE NEWS BY TOPIC: Engineering and Technology

DOE laboratories operate many of the nation’s most sophisticated research facilities, including the nation’s largest high performance computing centers, the world’s highest energy proton collider, third-generation synchrotron light sources and high-flux neutron sources as well as specialized facilities for microcharacterization, materials synthesis, combustion research, ion beam studies, and fusion energy research. The agency’s research facilities have an enormous impact on science and technology ranging from the most fundamental constituents of matter to superconductor structure and the production of unique isotopes for defense applications.



Brookhaven summer intern reveals the cutting edge of NSLS-II

Brookhaven summer intern reveals the cutting edge of NSLS-II

This summer, DOE's Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship program paired Bozeat with NSLS-II engineer Christopher Eng, who enlisted the student's help in designing the magnet assemblies that comprise NSLS-II's undulators -- devices that wiggle the electron beam to emit brighter X-rays.

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Viral comparisons

An Oak Ridge National Laboratory team of comparative genomics and computational science researchers compared approximately 4,000 complete virus genomes downloaded from a public database known as GenBank. By compressing the sequence files, the team created a virus dendrogram that maps out the relationships among all the different virus families.

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Viral comparisons

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