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DOE SCIENCE NEWS BY TOPIC: Engineering and Technology

DOE laboratories operate many of the nation’s most sophisticated research facilities, including the nation’s largest high performance computing centers, the world’s highest energy proton collider, third-generation synchrotron light sources and high-flux neutron sources as well as specialized facilities for microcharacterization, materials synthesis, combustion research, ion beam studies, and fusion energy research. The agency’s research facilities have an enormous impact on science and technology ranging from the most fundamental constituents of matter to superconductor structure and the production of unique isotopes for defense applications.



Watching neurons fire from a front-row seat

Watching neurons fire from a front-row seat

Sandia National Laboratories is working with Arizona State University on the challenge of recording and measuring signals from the brain.

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Sandia ensures US nuclear weapons deterrent can remain effective, credible

As part of its mission of ensuring the nation's stockpile is safe, secure and effective as a deterrent, Sandia National Laboratories must make sure crucial parts can function if they're hit by radiation, especially a type called fast neutrons. It created a science-based program called QASPR, which combines computer modeling and simulation, and experiments and technology development.

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Sandia ensures US nuclear weapons deterrent can remain effective, credible

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