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DOE SCIENCE NEWS BY TOPIC: Medicine and Health

DOE sponsors medical research to understand underlying biological, genetic, and molecular processes. This knowledge can then be used to develop new therapies, drugs, and vaccines leading to longer, healthier lives. A leader in the application of science to longstanding and emerging public health threats, DOE also sponsors cutting-edge research designed to create a healthier environment.



X-ray study reveals division of labor in cell health protein

X-ray study reveals division of labor in cell health protein

Researchers working in part at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have discovered that a key protein for cell health, which has recently been linked to diabetes, cancer and other diseases, can multitask by having two identical protein parts divide labor.

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'Seeing' hydrogen atoms to unveil enzyme catalysis

A multi-institutional research team led by Chris Dealwis from Case Western Reserve University has used the new IMAGINE instrument at Oak Ridge National Laboratory's High Flux Isotope Reactor to map an enzyme that could play an important role in anti-cancer drug development.

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'Seeing' hydrogen atoms to unveil enzyme catalysis

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