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DOE SCIENCE NEWS BY TOPIC: Medicine and Health

DOE sponsors medical research to understand underlying biological, genetic, and molecular processes. This knowledge can then be used to develop new therapies, drugs, and vaccines leading to longer, healthier lives. A leader in the application of science to longstanding and emerging public health threats, DOE also sponsors cutting-edge research designed to create a healthier environment.



Watching neurons fire from a front-row seat

Watching neurons fire from a front-row seat

Sandia National Laboratories is working with Arizona State University on the challenge of recording and measuring signals from the brain.

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Simulation solves mystery of how liquid-crystal thin films disintegrate

Approximately four decades ago, theoreticians believed that only one of two mechanisms could explain rupture of liquid-crystal thin films. They also believed that these two mechanisms could not coexist. But 10 years ago experiments showed that these two mechanisms in many cases do coexist, according to Trung Nguyen of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, who ran unprecedented large-scale molecular dynamics simulations on Titan, America's fastest supercomputer, to model the beginnings of ruptures in thin films.

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Simulation solves mystery of how liquid-crystal thin films disintegrate

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ORNL wins eight R&D 100s
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