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DOE SCIENCE NEWS BY TOPIC: Medicine and Health

DOE sponsors medical research to understand underlying biological, genetic, and molecular processes. This knowledge can then be used to develop new therapies, drugs, and vaccines leading to longer, healthier lives. A leader in the application of science to longstanding and emerging public health threats, DOE also sponsors cutting-edge research designed to create a healthier environment.



BigNeuron: Unlocking the secrets of the human brain

BigNeuron: Unlocking the secrets of the human brain

To find a standard 3-D neuron reconstruction algorithm, Big Neuron will sponsor a series of international hackathons and workshops where contending algorithms will be ported onto a common software platform to analyze neuronal physical structure using the same core dataset. All ported algorithms will be bench-tested at DOE's NERSC and ORNL, as well as Human Brain Project supercomputing centers.

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Collaborative vision, saving sight

A meeting to explore research collaborations between the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee set the foundation for a company that provides accessible and remote health screenings for patients concerned about diabetic related eye diseases.

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Collaborative vision, saving sight

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New 'cool roof time machine' will accelerate cool roof deployment
DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

X-ray ptychography, fluorescence microscopy combo sheds new light on trace elements
DOE/Argonne National Laboratory

Synthetic muscle developed with PPPL scientists' help ready for launch
DOE/Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

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