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Early detection for protection
Being able to rapidly detect biological agents is among the most difficult and yet urgent tasks facing the nation. Whether the threat is from a natural outbreak or a terrorist's release of threat agents, medical treatment cannot effectively begin without first identifying the bioagent. At the same time, effective understanding and response to a biological threat requires rapid communication across the health-care system.

Contact: Paul Jackson
DOE/Los Alamos National Laboratory

Microbial diversity
They have been called the foundation of the biosphere, invisible yet essential. And now researchers know bacteria are unimaginably abundant but just don 't know exactly who they are.

Contact: Cheryl Kuske
DOE/Los Alamos National Laboratory

Using pathogen sequence data
As scientists delve into the vast quantity of biological data currently being produced, the problems of handling such a treasure trove of information are daunting. New tools and techniques for managing, storing, analyzing, mining and visualizing this information are the focus of much attention in the scientific community, especially when the data can have a bearing on public health and even emergency response.

Contact: Paul Jackson
DOE/Los Alamos National Laboratory

Rapid Syndrome Validation Project
Los Alamos National Laboratory is collaborating on a new tool that will provide public health officials with an early warning and response system for threats to public health.

Contact: Sandra Zink
DOE/Los Alamos National Laboratory

'SNP'ing' away at human health issues
In the summer of 2000, scientists around the world cheered as the effort to unravel the mystery of the human genome reached a milestone—a completed draft of the human genome sequence. The sequence is a set of instructions that determines individual characteristics ranging from the cosmetic, such as hair and eye color, to the medically important, such as susceptibility to disease and response to treatments.

Contact: Scott White
DOE/Los Alamos National Laboratory

Science fiction becomes science reality
Who dreams up James Bond's toys? 007 and his gadgets may be a creation of Ian Fleming and Hollywood but those imaginative fellows do exist. A few of them work in INEEL's National Security Division. And there is a government organization that sponsors some of their projects - the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Contact: Mike Occhionero
DOE/Idaho National Laboratory

Showing stories 51-56 out of 56 stories.
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