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Public Release: 6-Mar-2014
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, March 2014
This release focuses on articles on lighter, stronger engines, safeguarding cyberspace, a Climate Change Science Institute annual report now available, collaborative innovation, and new superhydrophobic glass.

Contact: Ron Walli
DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Public Release: 6-Mar-2014
Vertimass licenses ORNL biofuel-to-hydrocarbon conversion technology
Vertimass LLC has licensed an Oak Ridge National Laboratory technology that directly converts ethanol into a hydrocarbon blend-stock for use in transportation fuels.

Contact: Morgan McCorkle
DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Public Release: 3-Mar-2014
Nature Chemistry
Every step you take
The first direct, temporally resolved observations of intermediate steps in water oxidation using cobalt oxide, an Earth-abundant solid catalyst, revealed kinetic bottlenecks whose elimination would help boost the efficiency of artificial photosynthesis systems.
US Department of Energy Office of Science

Contact: Lynn Yarris
DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Public Release: 27-Feb-2014
Big step for next-generation fuel cells and electrolyzers
Researchers at Berkeley and Argonne National Labs have discovered a highly promising new class of nanocatalysts for fuel cells and water-alkali electrolyzers that are an order of magnitude higher in activity than the target set by DOE for 2017.
US Department of Energy

Contact: Lynn Yarris
DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Public Release: 25-Feb-2014
Portable hydrogen fuel cell unit to provide green, sustainable power to Honolulu port
Clean hydrogen power that's expected to lower emissions and reduce energy consumption will be coming to the Port of Honolulu in 2015 after the completion of a new fuel cell technology demonstration, one that could lead to a commercial technology for ports worldwide.
DOE/Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, DOT/MARAD

Contact: Mike Janes
DOE/Sandia National Laboratories

Public Release: 25-Feb-2014
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
It's all water over the dam -- but how and when it falls has huge impact on salmon
By adjusting water discharges in ways designed to boost salmon productivity, officials at a dam in central Washington were able to more than triple the numbers of juvenile salmon downstream of the dam over a 30-year period. The research shows that keeping eggs and young salmon under water at especially vulnerable times boosts survival.
Grant County Public Utility District

Contact: Tom Rickey
DOE/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Showing releases 76-81 out of 81.

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