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18-Dec-2014 03:39
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Public Release: 17-Dec-2014
Getting bot responders into shape
Sandia National Laboratories is tackling one of the biggest barriers to the use of robots in emergency response: energy efficiency. Through a project supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Sandia is developing technology that will dramatically improve the endurance of legged robots, helping them operate for long periods while performing the types of locomotion most relevant to disaster response scenarios.
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Contact: Stephanie Holinka
DOE/Sandia National Laboratories

Public Release: 17-Dec-2014
Lights, camera, artificial gravity! The premiere of NASA's Fruit Fly Lab
The most advanced system to date for studying fruit flies in space, NASA's Fruit Fly Lab, is making its debut aboard the International Space Station.

Contact: Laura Niles
NASA/Johnson Space Center

Public Release: 17-Dec-2014
Cannabis-based medicine to be tested as child epilepsy therapy
Children with severe epilepsy could be helped by a new treatment derived from the cannabis plant. Doctors in the UK -- including the University of Edinburgh's Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre -- have been given the go-ahead to test the medicine.

Contact: Jen Middleton
University of Edinburgh

Public Release: 17-Dec-2014
Improving science at universities in Muslim countries: Experts to formulate prescription
In Muslim countries, how is academic freedom understood and applied? How effective are Islamic world universities at science research, education and public outreach and how could those functions be improved? To what extent do international university rankings influence government support policies? Offering insights and recommendations on those questions and others is the mandate of an 11-member international Task Force on Science at Universities in the Muslim World, convened for the first time this week in Malaysia.

Contact: Terry Collins
Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology

Public Release: 17-Dec-2014
Linde, Sandia partnership looks to expand hydrogen fueling network
Sandia National Laboratories and industrial gas giant Linde LLC have signed an umbrella Cooperative Research and Development Agreement that is expected to accelerate the development of low-carbon energy and industrial technologies, beginning with hydrogen and fuel cells.

Contact: Mike Janes
DOE/Sandia National Laboratories

Public Release: 17-Dec-2014
Frontiers launches open-access journals in the humanities and social sciences
Frontiers, a community-driven open-access publisher, is pleased to announce the launch of a series of interdisciplinary open-access journals across the whole spectrum of the humanities and social sciences. The first to launch, Frontiers in Digital Humanities, will publish a range of article types across all research areas where computer science and the humanities intersect.

Contact: Katy Alexander

Public Release: 16-Dec-2014
Tomorrow's tech-most-wanted at Eureka Park
Smarter home systems, better batteries, more wearable tech, and totally outside-the-box electronics with the potential to usher in the next generation of high-tech living can be found in one place in January.

Contact: Sarah Bates
National Science Foundation

Public Release: 16-Dec-2014
Startup Seamless Devices launches from professor Peter Kinget's lab
Innovative technology developed in electrical engineering professor Peter Kinget's lab is at the core of Seamless Devices, a startup co-founded by Kinget and his former student Jayanth Kuppambatti Ph.D. '14. Seamless Devices aims to address critical limitations faced by semiconductor technologies striving to meet the demands of performance and power efficiency required by the next-generation of electronic devices and sensors.

Contact: Holly Evarts
Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science

Public Release: 16-Dec-2014
Breakthrough capability keeps subs, ships on safe track
Interactive software that can dramatically cut the time it takes to plan safe submarine missions is crossing over to the surface fleet and is being installed this month on the guided-missile cruiser USS Mobile Bay (CG 53).

Contact: Peter Vietti
Office of Naval Research

Public Release: 16-Dec-2014
NREL to advance technologies for microgrid projects
The Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory is providing critical support to two new microgrid projects coordinated by the Electric Power Research Institute and General Electric Company.
US Department of Energy

Contact: David Glickson
DOE/National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Public Release: 16-Dec-2014
Nova Southeastern University researcher discovers new species of sea lily
Charles Messing, Ph.D., has discovered a new species of sea lily. Rather than naming it himself, he is auctioning off the naming rights on eBay to help raise funds for additional research.

Contact: Joe Donzelli
Nova Southeastern University

Public Release: 16-Dec-2014
Med students' site translates Ferguson evidence medical jargon
A group of nine Brown University medical students has posted lay translations of the medical evidence considered by the grand jury in the Michael Brown/Ferguson, Mo., case. The effort to provide a straightforward simplification of the jargon is meant to make the information more publicly accessible.

Contact: David Orenstein
Brown University

Public Release: 15-Dec-2014
University of Nevada, Reno and Renown Health announce partnership for brain fMRI research
University of Nevada, Reno neuroscientists are working with Renown Health to bring new research capabilities to northern Nevada. New functional MRI technology, purchased as part of a University's National Institutes of Health grant, studies human brain function and aims to understand how the brain works.
National Institutes of Health

Contact: Natalie Savidge
University of Nevada, Reno

Public Release: 15-Dec-2014
Nutrient-protecting 'peanut brittle' for cattle receives patent
A US patent has been issued for a Kansas State University-developed 'peanut brittle' that ensures cows and other livestock eating it get their vitamins.

Contact: Jim Drouillard
Kansas State University

Public Release: 15-Dec-2014
UTMB's Sealy Center on Aging re-designated WHO/PAHO Collaborating Center
The world experts on aging research at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston have again received an international designation acknowledging their special niche in an area that grows more complex every day as the elderly population explodes worldwide. UTMB's Sealy Center on Aging has been re-designated by the World Health Organization as a WHO/PAHO Collaborating Center in Aging and Health. UTMB is one of only three institutions in the United States to receive this designation.

Contact: Molly Dannenmaier
University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Public Release: 15-Dec-2014
MD Anderson, UnitedHealthcare launch new cancer care payment model
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and UnitedHealthcare have launched a pilot to explore a new cancer care payment model for head and neck cancers that focuses on quality patient care and outcomes. The collaboration is among the first using bundled payments in a large, comprehensive cancer center.

Contact: Julie A. Penne
University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

Public Release: 15-Dec-2014
US manufacturing initiative receives Congressional approval
The Optical Society applauds the inclusion of H.R. 2996, the bipartisan Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act (RAMI), in the $1.1 trillion FY2015 Omnibus Appropriations bill, which passed the House on Dec. 11 and subsequently passed the Senate this weekend, on Dec. 13.

Contact: Jason Socrates Bardi
The Optical Society

Public Release: 15-Dec-2014
The flying inventory assistant
Standing on top of a ladder several meters high, pad and pen in hand, just to count boxes? Inventories in large warehouses could soon appear quite different and proceed to take flight, in the truest sense of those words: the goal of the InventAIRy Project is to automatically localize and record existing inventories with the aid of flying robots.

Contact: Bettina von Janczewski

Public Release: 14-Dec-2014
Potential cure for hepatitis B enters phase 1/2a clinical trial
A new treatment developed by Walter and Eliza Hall Institute researchers to promote the cure of chronic hepatitis B virus infection is now recruiting patients for a phase I/2a clinical trial.
TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals

Contact: Alan Gill
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Public Release: 12-Dec-2014
Building a worldwide genetic library BRIC-by-BRIC
NASA is laying a strong foundation of life science research with results from a recent investigation on the space station called BRIC-19, one in a series of Biological Research in Canisters investigations.

Contact: Laura Niles
NASA/Johnson Space Center

Public Release: 12-Dec-2014
Smithsonian launches major new initiative to better understand life on Earth
Scientists across the Smithsonian have studied genomics for years, investigating how animal and plant species function, relate to one another, adapt to change and thrive or fail to survive. Genomics also play a key role in their research of climate change, disease and biodiversity conservation. The Smithsonian is now uniting these efforts and creating a plan for transformative future research with the establishment of the Smithsonian Institute for Biodiversity Genomics.

Contact: John Gibbons

Public Release: 12-Dec-2014
OPALS: Light beams let data rates soar
On the International Space Station, the Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science is demonstrating how laser communications can speed up the flow of information between Earth and space, compared to radio signals.

Contact: Laura Niles
NASA/Johnson Space Center

Public Release: 12-Dec-2014
Ruling on PETA complaint a victory for animals used in EU chemical tests
In a landmark decision with the potential to save millions of animals from suffering and death in laboratory experiments, the European Ombudsman has determined that the European Chemicals Agency is not fully applying its authority to minimize animal experiments, as required by law, and should begin to do so.

Contact: Tasgola Bruner
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Public Release: 12-Dec-2014
UC3M participates in a new simulator that provides training in cybersecurity
Researchers from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and the Universidad de Málaga have collaborated with the consulting and technology company Indra on the development of a new advanced simulator of training in cybersecurity, a system that teaches users how to carry out computer forensics, prevent cyber attacks and learn techniques of cyber defense.

Contact: Javier Alonso
Carlos III University of Madrid

Public Release: 11-Dec-2014
High-tech CU-Boulder hardware to support experiments launching to space station
The University of Colorado Boulder will fly state-of-the-art hardware on the commercial SpaceX Dragon spacecraft launching to the International Space Station Dec. 19 to support experiments designed to better understand why the virulence of some pathogens increases in the low gravity of space.

Contact: Louis Stodieck
University of Colorado at Boulder

Showing releases 1-25 out of 264.

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