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29-Aug-2014 14:27
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Public Release: 23-Jul-2014
Springer partners with Taiwan Fuzzy Systems Association
As of 2015, Springer will publish the International Journal of Fuzzy Systems, the official journal of the Taiwan Fuzzy Systems Association. The cooperation will allow the journal to expand its global visibility in the area of fuzzy research. The International Journal of Fuzzy Systems is dedicated to presenting high-quality papers that deal with the theory, design and application of fuzzy systems, soft computing systems, gray systems and extension theory systems ranging from hardware to software.

Contact: Renate Bayaz

Public Release: 23-Jul-2014
NYSCF partners with Beyond Batten Disease Foundation to fight juvenile Batten disease
The New York Stem Cell Foundation and Beyond Batten Disease Foundation have partnered to develop stem cell resources to investigate and explore new treatments and ultimately find a cure for juvenile Batten disease, a fatal illness affecting children.

Contact: David McKeon
New York Stem Cell Foundation

Public Release: 23-Jul-2014
Extramural R&D funding by US-located businesses nears $30 billion in 2011
In 2011, US-located companies spent $29.6 billion for extramural (purchased and collaborative) research and development performed by domestic and overseas organizations, according to statistics from the Business R&D and Innovation Survey. This amount includes contract or otherwise purchased R&D ($24 billion) and payments to R&D collaborators ($5.6 billion). Most of these extramural R&D expenditures involve domestic providers and partners.

Contact: Kimberly D. Osborne
National Science Foundation

Public Release: 23-Jul-2014
New device detects deadly lung disease
A scientist from the University of Exeter has developed a simple, cheap and highly accurate device for diagnosing a frequently fatal lung disease which attacks immune deficient individuals such as cancer patients and bone marrow transplant recipients.

Contact: Eleanor Gaskarth
University of Exeter

Public Release: 22-Jul-2014
The heart of an astronaut, five years on
The Cardio Ox investigation will look at how oxidative stress and inflammation caused by conditions of spaceflight affect astronaut hearts for up to five years after astronauts fly on the International Space Station.

Contact: Laura Niles
NASA/Johnson Space Center

Public Release: 22-Jul-2014
The Optical Society launches Optica
The Optical Society today published the first issue of Optica, its new open-access, online-only journal dedicated to rapidly disseminating the highest-impact peer-reviewed research across the entire spectrum of optics and photonics. Optica's premiere issue covers topics such as remote sensing, high-speed data transmission, nanoscale imaging and precision time measurement and features an article from Stanford about the development of high-efficiency, long-lasting solar cells that cool themselves with a specially patterned layer of silica glass.

Contact: Jake Lynn
The Optical Society

Public Release: 22-Jul-2014
Cable announces 30 million for advanced materials and non-destructive evaluation research
New research that will improve safety and efficiency of gas turbines, rail tracks, fuel pipelines and other important infrastructure will receive a boost today when a new 30 million joint investment by government and industry is announced by Secretary of State for Industry the Rt. Hon Vince Cable MP.

Contact: EPSRC Press Release
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Public Release: 22-Jul-2014
BGI Tech launches human whole exome sequencing service on complete genomics' advanced platform
BGI Tech, a subsidiary of BGI, the world's largest genomics organization, announced today the global launch of a new human whole exome sequencing service based on Complete Genomics' industry-leading platform.

Contact: Jia Liu
BGI Shenzhen

Public Release: 21-Jul-2014
Tecnalia designs an app to help elderly people get around on public transport
Getting around in a town or city is a necessity in order to carry out everyday tasks. With the advancing years the tendency is to abandon the private vehicle and make increasing use of public transport. However, knowing which is the most convenient bus to get to the centre or when you have to change buses is not always a straightforward task.

Contact: Irati Kortabitarte
Elhuyar Fundazioa

Showing releases 126-134 out of 134.

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