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20-Apr-2014 14:28
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Public Release: 1-Apr-2014
Global research possibilities expand as IISD assumes operation of Canada's famed 'Experimental Lakes'
Canada's famed 'Experimental Lakes Area' -- one of Earth's only whole-lake laboratories -- has enabled studies that today underpin phosphate, mercury, acid rain and other fundamental environmental legislation worldwide. Now, thanks to a group of agreements announced today, not only will the 58 northern Ontario lakes remain available for global scientific research, the scope of experimentation is expected to expand under the new stewardship of the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

Contact: Terry Collins
International Institute for Sustainable Development

Public Release: 1-Apr-2014
UTSA Ph.D. students bring stem cell advancements to veterinarians
Two UTSA biomedical engineering doctoral students have launched Mobile Stem Care LLC, a company that will help veterinarians treat their patients with the latest advancements in stem cell therapies. The first of its kind in Texas, Mobile Stem Care is a mobile service that offers adipose stem cell and platelet rich plasma isolation to veterinarians for treatments in dogs, cats and other animals suffering from degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia, ligament and tendon injuries or non-healing wounds.

Contact: KC Gonzalez
University of Texas at San Antonio

Public Release: 1-Apr-2014
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, April 2014
This release focuses on: 1) Bridge failure warning. 2) Simulations on Titan could help automobile manufacturers meet fuel economy and emissions standards. 3) New system enables decision-makers to respond swiftly to major power disruptions. 4) Refrigerators featuring 20 percent greater efficiency.

Contact: Ron Walli
DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Public Release: 1-Apr-2014
Next-generation coatings and sensors that can operate in extreme conditions
Tata Steel has formed a strategic partnership with the prominent UK research body, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, to develop a range of innovations that will include graphene-coated steels and next-generation sensors that can operate in extreme environments. The research will include studying the viability of coating steel strip with graphene, a one atom thick carbon layer whose properties include anti-corrosion and a high degree of electrical conductivity.

Contact: EPSRC Press Office
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Public Release: 1-Apr-2014
Green engineering for waste management
Demede Engineering & Research, a company that receives support from the Business Incubator at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid's Science Park, designs and manufactures prototypes of waste Management plants dedicated to research. Their designs are based on the principles of 'green engineering,' which they also apply to the development of techniques for the sustainable production of graphene and the synthesis of pharmaceutical products.

Contact: Ana Herrera
Carlos III University of Madrid

Public Release: 1-Apr-2014
Journal of Psychiatric Research
Could depression be treated with Botox?
In the largest randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study to date on the effect of OnabotulinumtoxinA (as known as Botox) on depression, researchers found that more than half of subjects suffering from moderate to severe depression showed a substantial improvement (greater than or equal to 50 percent of baseline) in their depressive symptoms as measured by the MADRS scale.

Contact: Lisa Colson

Public Release: 1-Apr-2014
Vehicular Communications
Elsevier announces the launch of a new journal: Vehicular Communications
Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, today announced the launch a new journal, Vehicular Communications. The journal will be published quarterly, and focusses on the growing area of communications between vehicles and roadside communication infrastructure. The first issue is now available for free on ScienceDirect.

Contact: James Palser

Public Release: 1-Apr-2014
Resilient cities focus of new Sandia, Rockefeller Foundation pact to help 100 communities
Sandia National Laboratories will bring decades of experience solving problems with practical engineering and modeling complex systems to cities around the world under a new agreement to support the 100 Resilient Cities Centennial Challenge, pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Contact: Heather Clark
DOE/Sandia National Laboratories

Public Release: 1-Apr-2014
UCL and Max Planck Society invest €5m to open world first computational psychiatry center
The world's first center for computational psychiatry opens today, following a €5m investment from the Max Planck Society and UCL to be spent over the next five years. The Max Planck UCL Centre for Computational Psychiatry and Ageing Research will develop computational methods to understand how human cognition works and how it becomes disrupted in psychiatric disorders such as depression and how it changes with normal cognitive aging.
Max Planck Society, University College London

Contact: Harry Dayantis
University College London

Public Release: 31-Mar-2014
NRL to launch SSULI on April 3rd; will measure ionosphere electron density
On April 3rd, 2014, a satellite carrying a US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) space weather instrument will launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base. Called the Special Sensor Ultraviolet Limb Imager (SSULI), 'SSULI makes accurate measurements of the upper atmosphere and ionosphere that are ultimately useful to the warfighter,' says Dr. Scott Budzien, the NRL Program Manager.
US Air Force

Contact: Kyra Wiens
Naval Research Laboratory

Public Release: 31-Mar-2014
Cfaed starts a research project on organic electronics with the University of Brasília
On April 1, the Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden of TU Dresden starts a binational three-year research project on organic electronics with the University of Brasília.

Contact: Birgit Holthaus
Technische Universität Dresden

Public Release: 31-Mar-2014
Innovative solutions for lab-automation developed by Bioprocess Engineers from Dresden
The lab automation platform PetriJet developed at the TU Dresden, Chair of Bioprocess Engineering equipped with one input and one output stack respectively handles up to 20 culture dishes per batch which results in about 100 handled culture dishes and taken images per hour.

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Felix Lenk
Technische Universität Dresden

Public Release: 29-Mar-2014
American College of Cardiology's 63rd Annual Scientific Session
Studies suggest coronary calcium score indicates long-term heart health
Coronary artery calcium scoring, a test that measures the amount and pattern of calcium that has accumulated in a patient's coronary arteries, appears to provide an early indication of a person's long-term risk for heart disease, according to data from five studies presented at the American College of Cardiology's 63rd Annual Scientific Session.

Contact: Beth Casteel
American College of Cardiology

Public Release: 28-Mar-2014
UCL and Novo Nordisk partner to take action against urban diabetes
UCL is partnering with Novo Nordisk and the Steno Diabetes Center -- a world leading institution in diabetes care and prevention -- to launch the Cities Changing Diabetes initiative, an ambitious new partnership program to fight urban diabetes.

Contact: Henry Rummins
University College London

Public Release: 27-Mar-2014
CYGNSS hurricane satellite mission passes major review milestone
NASA has given a preliminary go-ahead to the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System to proceed with instrument development, vehicle construction and eventual launch of the hurricane-studying mission's eight microsatellites.

Contact: Maria Martinez Stothoff
Southwest Research Institute

Public Release: 27-Mar-2014
Schizophrenia Research: Cognition
Elsevier announces launch of new open access journal, Schizophrenia Research: Cognition
Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, today announced the launch of Schizophrenia Research: Cognition, a new open access journal dedicated to publishing original research, concise research reports, brief reports, letters to the editor, and review papers addressing the role of cognitive functioning in schizophrenia.

Contact: Natalie Hill-krasniqi

Public Release: 26-Mar-2014
New database features 710,000 natural history records from Canadian Museum of Nature
A new, free open-access database has opened the collections of Canada's national natural history museum, with 710,000 specimen records available at These cover about 22 percent of the museum's overall collection of plants, animals, fossils and minerals, which have been collected over more than 150 years.

Contact: Dan Smythe
Canadian Museum of Nature

Public Release: 26-Mar-2014
CASIS-sponsored research heads to space station aboard SpaceX-3
The final investigations of the Advancing Research Knowledge 1 series of research payloads will launch to the space station with the SpaceX-3 mission, joining the initial portion of the suite that launched aboard Orbital 1.

Contact: Laura Niles
NASA/Johnson Space Center

Public Release: 26-Mar-2014
Federal science and engineering obligations to universities and colleges dropped by 11 percent in FY
In fiscal year 2011, federal agencies obligated $31.4 billion to 1,134 academic institutions for science and engineering activities, according to a new report from the National Science Foundation's National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics.

Contact: Bobbie Mixon
National Science Foundation

Public Release: 26-Mar-2014
Change the Course to restore 1 billion gallons of water to Colorado River Delta
Change the Course, a freshwater restoration movement, will restore 1 billion gallons of water to the Colorado River Delta to support the revitalization of wetland habitats in what was once one of the planet's great desert aquatic ecosystems. Change the Course is spearheaded by the National Geographic Society, Bonneville Environmental Foundation and Participant Media.

Contact: Colby Bishop
National Geographic Society

Public Release: 26-Mar-2014
Gynecologic Oncology
Obesity crisis in gynecologic cancer
The journal Gynecologic Oncology, the official journal of the Society of Gynecologic Oncology, is pleased to announce the launch of a special issue on gynecologic cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship in obese women. Working on the special issue, Guest Editors Dr. Susan C. Modesitt, University of Virginia School of Medicine, and Dr. Joan Walker, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, brought together researchers studying the influence of obesity on all components of gynecologic cancer care.

Contact: Sarah Jenkins

Public Release: 26-Mar-2014
Where do you start when developing a new medicine?
A pioneering public-private research initiative between GSK, the European Bioinformatics Institute and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute is to harness the power of 'big data' and genome sequencing to improve the success rate for discovering new medicines. The new Centre for Therapeutic Target Validation aims to address a wide range of human diseases and will share its data openly in the interests of accelerating drug discovery.

Contact: EMBL Press Office
European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Public Release: 25-Mar-2014
UofSC's McNair Center partners with Fokker Technologies for aerospace research
The Ronald E. McNair Center for Aerospace Innovation and Research, a University of South Carolina center, announced a formal research partnership with Fokker Aerostructures, a subsidiary of Dutch-based Fokker Technologies, to support their development of next-generation aircraft technology. Projects will involve the development of advanced manufacturing technology for thermoplastic composites, using Digital Image Correlation to better understand failure mechanisms and certification strategies for the use of advanced composite structures.

Contact: Jeff Stensland
University of South Carolina

Public Release: 25-Mar-2014
NREL driving research on hydrogen fuel cells
Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles were the belles of the ball at recent auto shows in Los Angeles and Tokyo, and researchers at the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory continue to play a key part in improving performance and durability while driving down costs.
US Department of Energy

Contact: David Glickson
DOE/National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Public Release: 25-Mar-2014
Entrepreneur teams with scientists to bring vaccines to far reaches of the world
With technical help from Sandia National Laboratories through the New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program, a Santa Fe entrepreneur has developed a solar thermal icemaker to cool high-performance shipping containers that safely transport and store temperature-sensitive vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. Thousands of the systems are now being used throughout the world.

Contact: Nancy Salem
DOE/Sandia National Laboratories

Showing releases 51-75 out of 130.

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