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Public Release: 13-Aug-2014
University of Michigan forest preserve joins Smithsonian global network
A 57-acre research plot at a University of Michigan forest preserve northwest of Ann Arbor has been added to a Smithsonian Institution global network used to study tropical and temperate forest function and diversity.

Contact: Jim Erickson
University of Michigan

Public Release: 13-Aug-2014
UC Davis ramps up ventures with 14 startups in a year
UC Davis launched 14 commercial startups during the past year to June 30 -- the largest number of new ventures based on UC Davis technology to be started in a single year.

Contact: Andy Fell
University of California - Davis

Public Release: 12-Aug-2014
NTU start-up, Blacksmith Group, launches Singapore's first 3-D printer-cum-scanner
Nanyang Technological University's start-up, Blacksmith Group, has launched a 3-D printer that can also scan items into virtual models.

Contact: Lester Kok
Nanyang Technological University

Public Release: 12-Aug-2014
Microvax cancer vaccine first in human clinical trial in Singapore
MicroVAX, LLC, a biotech company located in Manassas, Va., announced today the commencement of a phase I clinical trial for its unique and proprietary vaccine platform that allows under the provisions of an FDA IND entry of patients with cancers of the, breast, prostate, colon, ovary and lung, that have relapsed after initial salvage therapy.
Singapore Clinical Research Institute

Contact: Chong Hui Shan

Public Release: 12-Aug-2014
NASA's space station fix-it demo for satellites gets hardware for 2.0 update
In its second phase of activities, the Robotic Refueling Mission will move past its refueling roots to test out the inspection capabilities of a new space tool called the Visual Inspection Poseable Invertebrate Robot.

Contact: Adrienne Alessandro
NASA/Johnson Space Center

Public Release: 12-Aug-2014
Pitt Engineering develops strategic alliance with Lubrizol Corp.
Thanks to a new four-year, $1.2 million partnership between the University of Pittsburgh's Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering and The Lubrizol Corporation, promising Pitt engineering students will learn about industry needs and have a chance to develop ideas and products in the new Lubrizol Innovation Laboratory.

Contact: Joe Miksch
University of Pittsburgh

Public Release: 12-Aug-2014
Zambia hosts Southern African Regional Office of Astronomy for Development
The International Astronomical Union has signed an agreement with the Copperbelt University in Zambia to host a Southern African regional node of the IAU Office of Astronomy for Development. This is the second regional node on the African continent and forms part of the International Astronomical Union's decadal strategic plan. The signing follows the approval of a proposal from Copperbelt University, which enjoyed the support of many collaborators, including the South African Square Kilometer Array.

Contact: Raquel Yumi Shida
International Astronomical Union

Public Release: 12-Aug-2014
Protecting newborns: Milk protein could save millions from harm
An international effort led by the University of Sydney hopes to protect hundreds of Bangladeshi newborns from a host of severe health problems by assessing the effect of lactoferrin, a natural protein found in breast and cow's milk, in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, US Agency for International Development, Norwegian Government, Grand Challenges Canada, UK Agency for International Development

Contact: Dan Gaffney
University of Sydney

Public Release: 12-Aug-2014
23andMe announces agreement with Pfizer to research inflammatory bowel disease
Today, 23andMe and Pfizer Inc. announce a new research collaboration to study inflammatory bowel disease in a nationwide initiative designed to recruit and genotype 10,000 individuals from the United States who have Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.
23andMe, Pfizer Inc.

Contact: Jackie Kahn

Public Release: 12-Aug-2014
XIII International Congress on Parasitology
New drug candidate for Chagas disease tested in patients in Bolivia
The Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative announced today at the International Congress of Parasitology, the launch of a Phase II drug trial to test fexinidazole, a drug shelved in the 1980s and 'rediscovered' by DNDi nearly a decade ago, for Chagas disease patients. The drug is also being tested in patients in Africa for two other parasitic diseases, sleeping sickness and visceral leishmaniasis.
Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative

Contact: Betina Moura
Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative

Public Release: 11-Aug-2014
CU-Boulder study paved way for stocking state's 'true' greenback cutthroat into wild
A genetic sleuthing effort led by the University of Colorado Boulder that resulted in the identification of Colorado's 'true' native greenback cutthroat trout two years ago has come full circle with the stocking of the official state fish into Colorado's high country.

Contact: Jessica Metcalf
University of Colorado at Boulder

Public Release: 11-Aug-2014
Customized surface inspection
The quality control of component surfaces is a complex undertaking. Researchers have engineered a high-precision modular inspection system that can be adapted on a customer-specific basis and integrated into the production process.

Contact: Markus Rauhut

Public Release: 11-Aug-2014
First gene therapy trial launched for heart patients with mechanical pumps
For the first time in the world, a patient with a mechanical heart pump has received a new gene therapy for heart failure at Harefield Hospital, London.
British Heart Foundation, Celladon Corporation

Contact: Franca Davenport
Imperial College London

Public Release: 10-Aug-2014
American Chemical Society 248th National Meeting & Exposition
Scarcity of elements in products like smartphones needs addressing, say scientists
Many of today's technological innovations from the iPhone to electric motors for hybrid cars require the use of materials -- elements -- that are scarce or difficult to obtain. As demand for these devices grows, the problem of dwindling critical element supplies must be addressed. That's the conclusion of a white paper being discussed at the 248th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society.

Contact: Michael Bernstein
American Chemical Society

Public Release: 8-Aug-2014
New Nano3 microscope will allow high-resolution look inside cells
The University of California, San Diego's Nanofabrication Cleanroom Facility is the first institution to obtain a novel FEI Scios dual-beam microscope, with an adaptation for use at cryogenic temperatures. The new microscope will enable research among a highly diverse user base, ranging from materials science to structural and molecular biology.

Contact: Tiffany Fox
University of California - San Diego

Public Release: 7-Aug-2014
Artificial retina: Physicists develop an interface to the optical nerve
Physicists at Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM) are using the special properties of graphene to produce key elements of an artificial retina. With their research program the researchers were admitted to the heavily funded 'Graphene' Flagship Program of the European Union.
European Commission

Contact: Stefanie Reiffert
Technische Universitaet Muenchen

Public Release: 7-Aug-2014
Crash-testing rivets
Rivets have to reliably hold the chassis of an automobile together -- even if there is a crash. Previously, it was difficult to predict with great precision how much load they could tolerate. A more advanced model now delivers realistic projections.

Contact: Silke Sommer

Public Release: 7-Aug-2014
Presentations collectively prepared
Today, every speaker compiles his or her own presentations to accompany their lectures. With a new Internet platform that uses Wikipedia as its model, slide show presentations can now be drafted, distributed, and translated together with others.

Contact: Sören Auer

Public Release: 7-Aug-2014
Kentucky professor develops new tool to prevent heroin deaths
A new, lifesaving product aimed at reducing the death toll from heroin abuse -- developed by a professor at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy -- is in its final round of clinical trials and has received Fast Track designation by the Food and Drug Administration. The product, a nasal spray application of the anti-opioid drug naloxone, was developed by Daniel Wermeling, a professor of pharmacy practice and science.
NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse, Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation

Contact: Keith Hautala
University of Kentucky

Public Release: 6-Aug-2014
NASA engineer set to complete first 3-D-printed space cameras
By the end of September, NASA aerospace engineer Jason Budinoff is expected to complete the first imaging telescopes ever assembled almost exclusively from 3-D-manufactured components.

Contact: Lori Keesey
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Public Release: 6-Aug-2014
NREL uses industry best practices to add partners
The Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory is accelerating the availability of next-generation energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies in the marketplace by making it easier for industry partners to work with the laboratory.
US Department of Energy

Contact: David Glickson
DOE/National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Public Release: 6-Aug-2014
A website to help safeguard the United States borders against alien scale insect pests
A group of scientists has built an online interactive website to help state and federal identifiers safeguard the US ports-of-entry from alien scale insect pests. The interactive website facilitates pest identifications by gathering, in one place, photos, drawings and current information on 194 species that have the potential to become serious pests to US agriculture.

Contact: Alessandra Rung
Pensoft Publishers

Public Release: 6-Aug-2014
Nature Communications
University of Michigan developing wearable tech for disease monitoring
A new wearable vapor sensor is being developed at the University of Michigan could one day offer continuous disease monitoring for patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, anemia or lung disease.

Contact: Catharine June
University of Michigan

Public Release: 6-Aug-2014
Sensors that improve rail transport safety
A new kind of human-machine communication makes it possible to detect damage to rail vehicles before it's too late and service trains only when they need it -- all thanks to a cloud-supported, wireless network of sensors.

Contact: Michael Niedermayer

Public Release: 6-Aug-2014
Simulation models optimize water power
The Columbia River basin in the Pacific Northwest offers great potential for water power; hydroelectric power stations there generate over 20,000 megawatts already. Now a simulation model will help optimize the operation of the extensive dam system.

Contact: Divas Karimanzira

Showing releases 51-75 out of 128.

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