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Public Release: 9-Dec-2014
NREL teams with SolarCity to maximize solar power on electrical grids
The Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory and SolarCity have entered into a cooperative research agreement to address the operational issues associated with large amounts of distributed solar energy on electrical grids. The work includes collaboration with the Hawaiian Electric Companies to analyze high penetration solar scenarios using advanced modeling and inverter testing at the Energy Systems Integration Facility. The project is funded in part through an Energy Department solar cost-share program.
US Department of Energy

Contact: David Glickson
DOE/National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Public Release: 9-Dec-2014
Springer starts new journal with the Italian Economic Association
Springer will publish the new official journal of the Italian Economic Association, the Italian Economic Journal. Articles have already been published online on SpringerLink; the first print issue will be compiled in March 2015. The journal has been formed through a merger between the association's former publication Rivista Italiana degli Economisti and the Giornale degli Economisti from the renowned Bocconi University.

Contact: Laura Zimmermann

Public Release: 9-Dec-2014
SESYNC-USGS-USDA water-food systems research supports White House Climate Data Initiative
The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center announced an innovative partnership with the US Geological Survey and the US Department of Agriculture to catalyze actionable, data-intensive research at the water and food systems nexus. The 'Data to Motivate Synthesis' Program for early career scientists will facilitate new collaborations and computational capacities amongst social and environmental scientists to address critical questions of water quantity and quality and agricultural productivity in the face of a changing climate.

Contact: Melissa Andreychek
University of Maryland

Public Release: 9-Dec-2014
Aorta: A novel free aortic surgery app for cardiologists and cardiac surgeons
Three cardiac surgeons from the Montreal Heart Institute, Dr. Yoan Lamarche, Dr. Ismail El-Hamamsy and Dr. Philippe Demers, are behind Aorta, a free app that provides specialists with patient-specific recommendations for aortic replacement surgery based on the latest scientific guidelines.

Contact: Julie Chevrette
514-376-3330 x2641
Montreal Heart Institute

Public Release: 9-Dec-2014
New report explores the use of digital games in the classroom during the learning process
A new report from the A-GAMES project, a collaboration between New York University and the University of Michigan, examines how teachers are using digital games in their classrooms to monitor student learning and provide ongoing feedback.
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Contact: Rachel Harrison
New York University

Public Release: 9-Dec-2014
Put algae in your tank
Because food crops are also used for energy production, millions of people are threatened by starvation. Algae could provide an alternative: They only need sunlight to grow, thrive in salty water on barren fields. But it is a major challenge to exactly reproduce sunlight in the laboratory. In collaboration with the Berlin LED manufacturer FUTURELED scientists at the Technische Universität München have now developed a methodology for simulating all kinds of light situations.
Bavarian State

Contact: Andreas Battenberg
Technische Universitaet Muenchen

Public Release: 9-Dec-2014
Bayer and DNDi sign agreement to develop an oral treatment for river blindness
Bayer HealthCare and the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative have signed an agreement under which Bayer will provide the active ingredient emodepside to support DNDi in its effort to develop a new oral drug to treat river blindness (or onchocerciasis). The world's second leading infectious cause of blindness, river blindness is a neglected tropical disease caused by a filarial worm.

Contact: Violaine Dällenbach
Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative

Public Release: 9-Dec-2014
Food groups create 'Back to Balance Coalition,' release health professional survey
A coalition of 18 food organizations today announced the formation of a new Back to Balance Coalition aimed at promoting balanced, practical and achievable dietary guidance. The Coalition formed in response to public policy efforts occurring at the local, state and national levels to malign and restrict certain foods when both scientific research and the nutrition community say such efforts are unlikely to work.
Back to Balance Coalition

Contact: Allison Mikita
312-258-9500 x112
FoodMinds LLC

Public Release: 8-Dec-2014
Extreme Mechanics Letters
Elsevier announces the launch of a new journal: Extreme Mechanics Letters
Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of a new journal: Extreme Mechanics Letters.

Contact: Dominique Korporaal

Public Release: 8-Dec-2014
Journal of Vascular Surgery Cases
Elsevier announces the launch of open access journal: Journal of Vascular Surgery Cases
Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical, and medical information products and services, announced today the launch of Journal of Vascular Surgery Cases, a new open access, online-only journal dedicated to publishing peer-reviewed, high quality case reports related to all aspects of arterial, venous, and lymphatic diseases, including the placement and maintenance of arterio-venous dialysis access, with an emphasis on the practicing clinician.

Contact: Natalie Hill

Public Release: 8-Dec-2014
EU investment plan must not come at expense of research in Europe
To combat the effects of the global economic and financial crisis in Europe, the European Commission has announced a new investment program. The plan is to enable investments of about 315 billion euros, for example in information, energy and transport infrastructures, with guarantees from the EU budget. The program is also explicitly framed as an investment in European research.

Contact: Marco Finetti
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Public Release: 5-Dec-2014
2014 AGU Fall Meeting
New journal serves as an interface of statistics, atmospheric and ocean sciences
A new journal -- Advances in Statistical Climatology, Meteorology and Oceanography -- gives statisticians and researchers specializing in the atmospheric and ocean sciences an outlet to publish the details of their statistical and mathematical developments, which will effectively lead to improved models and methods for these fields.

Contact: Jennifer Hoeting
DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Public Release: 5-Dec-2014
Canadian Science Publishing launches new open-access journal: Arctic Science
Arctic Science is the first fully 'gold' open-access journal offered by Canadian Science Publishing. It will maintain the high quality editorial standards of our other NRC Research Press journals, while providing free, immediate public access to the final published article.

Contact: Jenny Ryan
Canadian Science Publishing (NRC Research Press)

Public Release: 5-Dec-2014
National recognition for potential 'over the counter' gum disease test
A research study at Plymouth University Peninsula School of Dentistry which aims to develop a simple saliva test for gum diseases, has been recognized by the National Institute of Health Research, which has included the study in its portfolio.
National Institute for Health Research, Oral and Dental Research Trust Award

Contact: Andrew Gould
University of Plymouth

Public Release: 5-Dec-2014
OIST joins Japan's Brain/MINDS Project
Okinawa Institute of Science Technology Graduate University becomes part of Japan's national effort to map the Brain.

Contact: Kaoru Natori
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) Graduate University

Public Release: 4-Dec-2014
International Space Station enables interplanetary space exploration
From life support systems to growing plants in space, the space station continues to drive human exploration for missions beyond low-Earth orbit.

Contact: Laura Niles
NASA/Johnson Space Center

Public Release: 4-Dec-2014
Harvard's Wyss Institute welcomes MIT as a new collaborating institution
The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University announced today that MIT has joined the Wyss Institute collaborative consortium. MIT, a world leader in scientific and technological research, becomes the Wyss Institute's 12th collaborating institution. Wyss and others at MIT will jointly develop new strategies for biologic drug design, gene therapies, stem cell engineering and development of novel diagnostics using engineered gene circuits, with the goal of moving synthetic biology from the confines of the laboratory to the marketplace.

Contact: Kat J. McAlpine
Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard

Public Release: 4-Dec-2014
EU companies must boost R&D investment to stay globally competitive
Investment in research and development by companies based in the EU grew by 2.6 percent in 2013, despite the unfavorable economic environment. However, this growth has slowed in comparison to the previous year's 6.8 percent. It is also below the 2013 world average, and lags behind companies based in the US and Japan.
European Commission

Contact: Nina Kajander
European Commission Joint Research Centre

Public Release: 4-Dec-2014
Green light for E-ELT construction
The ESO Council gave the green light for the construction of the European Extremely Large Telescope in two phases. Around one billion euros has been authorized for the first phase, which will cover the construction costs. It will enable tremendous scientific discoveries in the fields of exoplanets, stellar composition of nearby galaxies and the deep Universe. The largest ESO contract ever, for the telescope main structure, will be placed within the next year.

Contact: Richard Hook

Public Release: 4-Dec-2014
PharmaMar reports Phase IIb data for overall survival of PM1183 in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer
Platinum-resistant ovarian cancer patients treated with PM1183 had superior median overall survival compared to topotecan. In this group of 33 randomized patients, treatment with PM1183 showed median overall survival of 18.1 months compared to 8.5 months for topotecan-treated patients, used as control group. The efficacy data of this Phase IIb will be confirmed in a pivotal Phase III trial with a larger group of platinum-resistant ovarian cancer patients in the first half of 2015.

Contact: Carolina Pola

Public Release: 4-Dec-2014
Federation of European Microbiological Societies journals content goes live with OUP
Oxford University Press is delighted to announce that on Nov. 21 the first new content from the prestigious Federation of European Microbiological Societies journals went live following our new contract with the Federation earlier this year.

Contact: Kirsty Doole
Oxford University Press

Public Release: 4-Dec-2014
New CoMMpass StudyTM data now on Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation's Researcher Gateway
The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) announced today that new data from the landmark CoMMpass Study™ is now available to researchers via the MMRF's Researcher Gateway, an online, open-access portal designed to make key genomic and clinical data publically available for additional study.
Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

Contact: Maria Favorito
Feinstein Kean Healthcare

Public Release: 3-Dec-2014
Learning science: Taking stock of what happens outside of school
Where did you have some of your earliest experiences with science? Was it a trip to a planetarium that gave you a new awareness of Earth's place in the universe? An aquarium show that taught you about a vast ecosystem beneath the surface of the ocean? Or maybe a science museum, where the chance to see and touch fossils ignited an interest in dinosaurs?

Contact: Maria C. Zacharias
National Science Foundation

Public Release: 3-Dec-2014
Where hockey and engineering collide: NJIT Highlanders join a pioneering concussion study
Hockey players will be tested in a novel diagnostic machine built by NJIT biomedical engineers.

Contact: Tanya Klein
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Public Release: 3-Dec-2014
Volunteers can now help scientists seek Ebola cure in their (computer's) spare time
Beginning today, anyone can download a safe and free app that will put their computer or Android-based mobile device to work to form a virtual supercomputer to help The Scripps Research Institute screen millions of chemical compounds to identify new drug leads for treating Ebola. Meanwhile, the devices will remain fully available for normal use by their owners.

Contact: Madeline McCurry-Schmidt
Scripps Research Institute

Showing releases 51-75 out of 261.

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