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The Science of Eggs

AAAS and Science were honored to participate in the White House Easter Egg Roll. Educators, scientists, and staff helped children and their families play fun games and find ways to learn about the science of eggs. Now you can join the fun! Check out facts about eggs, try the Guess the Egg Game, fill in the AAAS Egg Activity Sheet, and find resources for more information and suggested reading materials.

Did You Know?

egg icon Many different types of animals lay eggs, including birds and fish.
egg icon Eggs come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.
egg icon Some animals build nests to lay their eggs, but not all do so.
egg icon Some animals lay eggs in water.
egg icon Sometimes both males and females care for their eggs.
egg icon Male seahorses carry fertilized eggs in a pouch until their offspring hatch.
egg icon The male king penguin has a pouch of fat that helps to keep his egg warm in very cold weather.
egg icon Sea turtles lay up to 200 soft, round eggs at a time.
egg icon An ostrich egg is one of the largest eggs and can weigh more than 3 pounds.
egg icon Hummingbird eggs are the size of a jelly bean, or smaller.
egg icon Scientists have found fossilized dinosaur eggs in nests from long, long ago.
egg icon Everything an animal needs to develop is in an egg.
egg icon Not all eggs have hard outer shells, but they all have membranes to protect their insides.
egg icon A bald eagle builds one of the largest nests for its eggs. Nests can be 10 feet across.
egg icon Hard-shelled eggs are mostly made of calcium carbonate. This is the same material as chalk and pearls.

More Egg-tivities!

Kids at the White House Easter Egg Roll got this AAAS Egg Activity Sheet to take home. You can have one too!

Are You An Eggs-pert?

How well do you know your eggs? Play the Guess The Egg Game and find out!

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More Resources

Visit AAAS' educational website, Science NetLinks for more egg activities, lessons, and An Egg is Quiet author podcast.

Suggested Reading

  • An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Aston; illustrations by Sylvia Long. Interest level: K-4, Reading level: 2-4.
  • An Amazing Egg by Susan James. Interest level: K-3. Reading level: 2.4.
  • Animals Hatch from Eggs by Elaine Pascoe; photographs by Dwight Kuhn. Interest level: K-3. Reading level: 2.7.
  • Bird Eggs by Helen Frost. Interest level: K-3. Reading level: 1.6.
  • Butterfly Eggs by Helen Frost. Interest level: K-3. Reading level: 1.6.
  • Chickens Aren't the Only Ones by Ruth Heller. Interest level: K-3. Reading level: 3.6.
  • Eggs by Lynn M. Stone. Interest level: K-3. Reading level: 2.6.
  • You Can't Lay an Egg If You're an Elephant: A Book About How Animals are Born by Fred Ehrlich, M.D. Interest level: 3-6. Reading level: 4.5

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