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17-Sep-2014 13:42
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Public Release: 5-Sep-2013
Biology Letters
Study reveals new insight into how cheetahs catch their prey
A new research study has revealed that the cheetah, the world's fastest land animal, matches and may even anticipate the escape tactics of different prey when hunting, rather than just relying on its speed and agility, as previously thought.
Natural Environment Research Council, Royal Society, Lewis Foundation

Contact: Lisa McElroy
Queen's University Belfast

Public Release: 4-Sep-2013
American Journal of Community Psychology
Children benefit from positive peer influence in afterschool programs
Children in afterschool programs who have a sense of connectedness with their peers are less likely to report emotional problems, according to Penn State researchers. Children exhibited fewer behavior problems if they perceived their peers were willing to encourage them to behave well.
William T. Grant Foundation, Wallace Foundation, NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse

Contact: Victoria M. Indivero
Penn State

Public Release: 4-Sep-2013
Only known hibernating primate has unique sleep patterns
Fat-tailed dwarf lemurs are the only primates known to hibernate, and new research suggests their sleep patterns during hibernation are markedly different from those of ground squirrels, which also hibernate at similar temperatures.

Contact: Jyoti Madhusoodanan

Public Release: 27-Aug-2013
Tennessee high school students publish in top science journal
Two Tennessee high school students have now done what many scientists strive for: Publishing their research in a top science journal. Dalton Chaffee and Hayes Griffin worked with mentor R. Tucker Gilman, a former postdoctoral research fellow at the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, to study mate choice. Their work was published this week in the journal Evolution.
National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis

Contact: Catherine Crawley
National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS)

Public Release: 26-Aug-2013
What to do if your dog gets 'skunked' wins American Chemical Society video contest
A lesson on what to do if your dog gets "skunked" has won a video contest sponsored by the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society, to showcase the uses of chemistry in everyday life, and celebrate the 90th anniversary of its weekly news magazine, Chemical & Engineering News.

Contact: Michael Bernstein
American Chemical Society

Public Release: 12-Aug-2013
2013 American Sociological Association Annual Meeting
Research examines how books can have a positive impact on a child's social struggles
New research explores the positive effects of reading as part of a parental intervention strategy for children struggling with social issues.

Contact: Dawn Fuller
University of Cincinnati

Public Release: 7-Aug-2013
Cute and armed at the same time
An international research team in which the University of Bonn participated has described an enigmatic species of mammal that lived about 165 million years ago and then went extinct. The cusps on its teeth point to an unusually early specialization on plant food. With its fuzzy fur, the animal looked quite cute, but it was equipped with poisonous spurs on its hind legs for defending itself against predators. The research results will now be presented in the renowned journal Nature.

Contact: Dr. Thomas Martin
University of Bonn

Public Release: 2-Aug-2013
Frontiers in Zoology
Baby owls sleep like baby humans
Owlets spend more time in REM sleep than adult owls.

Contact: Dr. Niels Rattenborg

Public Release: 31-Jul-2013
Chanel, UCSB's corpse flower, blooms and causes a big stink
Chanel, UC Santa Barbara's corpse flower, has finally spread her odiferous wings, broadcasting a stench that smells like a cross between rotting flesh and Limburger cheese. "It's disgusting," said UCSB junior Connor Way, who visited Wednesday morning. "It's pretty nasty."

Contact: Julie Cohen
University of California - Santa Barbara

Public Release: 29-Jul-2013
Navy, city of Chicago team up for groundbreaking education
The Department of the Navy and City of Chicago this month kicked off a unique collaboration to give high school and community college students an intense, hands-on experience in naval-relevant science, technology, engineering and mathematics education.

Contact: Peter Vietti
Office of Naval Research

Showing releases 111-120 out of 1133.

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