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Just for Kids


General Science

Activity TV
All Systems are Go
Changing Illusions
Gets an Earful
NIH/National Institute of Environmental Health Science Brain Tease
NIH/National Institute of Environmental Health Science Games
NIH/National Instite of General Medical Sciences Interactive Games
Scholastic Kids: The Stacks - Games
Your Brain Map

Animals and Insects

Animals of the World Games
Bug Bios
The Great Habitat Match-Up
No Where to Hide

Earth Science and Weather

Biomes of the World
EPA Games
Places in the Sun
A Question of Temperature
Water Cycle at Work
Water Treatment Cycle
Tungsten Resources: A Kid's Guide to Volcanoes

Marine Science

Coral Reef Connections
MARE's Build-a-Fish
Safari Touch Tank
SeaSky Sea Games
Virtual Fish Tank

Outer Space

Day on Mercury
Fact Challenge
Kinetic City: Mission to Vearth
Lunar Cycle 1: Calendar
Lunar Cycle 2: The Challenge
Make a Mission
Moon Facts
NASA Kids Club
Planet Size Comparison
Space Chase

Physics and Technology

Break It Down
Department of Energy, Energy Kid's Page
Kinetic City (AAAS)
Energy Transformation for a Pendulum
Interactive Sound Ruler
Newton's Laws--Air Resistance
Newton's Laws--Free Fall
Power Play
Power Up!
Simple Machines
Technology at Home


Boston Museum of Science
Catch the Science Bug!
Children's Museum of Indianapolis
CyberSleuth Kids
The Dance of Chance
Discovery Kids
From Cell to DNA
GovSpot for Kids
Inside the Human Body: Respiratory System
Journey North
Kids Health (Kids)
Kids Health (Teens)
Life Skills 4 Kids
Neuroscience for Kids Orbit & Rotation
Peering Inside the Body
Powers of Ten
Protein Synthesis: At the ribosomes
Reel Time
Sheep Brain Dissection
Ultrasound: How does it work?
USA Today's Weather Basics
Yak's Corner


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