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Kid-friendly Feature Stories

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Alaska, Canada, NYC researchers seeking citizen scientists for climate project
Researchers heading two citizen-science projects documenting the seasonal life events of plants in Alaska and in Churchill, on Hudson Bay in Canada, are looking for participants and timing is everything. The climate in the North is changing rapidly. Spring arrives earlier, summers are warmer, fall arrives later and these changes affect the timing of plants' life events such as leafing out, flowering, fruiting and dying -- called plant phenology.

Contact: Marie Thoms
University of Alaska Fairbanks

When it rains, it pours ... on the sun
Just like on Earth, the sun has spells of bad weather, with high winds and showers of rain. But unlike the all-too-frequent storms on Earth, rain on the sun is not made of water but electrically charged, superheated gas, called plasma. And it falls at around 200,000 kilometers per hour from the sun's upper atmosphere called the corona, in thousands of gigantic droplets -- each one as big as a country!

Contact: Sarah Eve Roberts
Leiden University

Showing stories 71-72 out of 72 stories.
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