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Video: A juvenile whale shark cruises over the shallow reef shelf of the South Ari Marine Protected Area. At 42km2 S.A.MPA is the largest Marine Protected Area in the Maldives and one of the few places in the world where whale sharks can be encountered all year round. See the video, from The Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme, here.
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September 15 to 19, 2014
ICES Annual Science Conference 2014
A Coruņa, Spain

The ICES Annual Science Conference is a forum for an international community of marine scientists, professionals, and students to share their work in theme-based series of oral and poster presentations. The 2014 conference will include talks by three invited keynote speakers, and oral and poster presentations selected on the basis of submitted abstracts.

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Public Release: 11-Jul-2014
NASA sees Tropical Storm 9 over Guam
Guam and surrounding areas were under a Tropical Storm Warning and Watch on July 11 as NASA's Aqua satellite passed overhead. During the early morning hours on July 11, Tropical Depression 09W strengthened into a tropical storm.

Contact: Rob Gutro
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Public Release: 10-Jul-2014
NASA-NOAA Suomi NPP satellite sees power within newborn Tropical Depression 09W
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed over Tropical Depression 09W and captured infrared data on the storm indicating some powerful thunderstorms within.

Contact: Rob Gutro
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Public Release: 10-Jul-2014
Leading scientists express rising concern about 'microplastics' in the ocean
Microplastics -- microscopic particles of plastic debris -- are of increasing concern because of their widespread presence in the oceans and the potential physical and toxicological risks they pose to organisms.

Contact: Kara Lavender Law
Sea Education Association

Public Release: 10-Jul-2014
NASA sees Tropical Storm Neoguri losing punch along southern Japan's coast
Once a powerful super typhoon, now a weakening tropical storm, NASA's Terra satellite saw a much weaker Tropical Storm Neoguri moving along the southern coast of Japan.

Contact: Rob Gutro
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Public Release: 10-Jul-2014
NOAA, partners predict significant harmful algal bloom in western Lake Erie this summer
NOAA and its research partners predict that western Lake Erie will have a significant bloom of cyanobacteria, a toxic blue-green algae, during the 2014 bloom season in late summer. However, the predicted bloom is expected to be smaller than last year's intense bloom, and considerably less than the record-setting 2011 bloom. Bloom impacts will vary across the lake's western basin and are classified by an estimate of both its concentration and how far it spreads.

Contact: Keeley Belva
NOAA Headquarters

Public Release: 10-Jul-2014
Overfishing in the English Channel leaves fisherman scraping the bottom of the barrel
Decades of overfishing in the English Channel has resulted in the removal of many top predators from the sea and left fishermen 'scraping the barrel' for increasing amounts of shellfish to make up their catch.

Contact: Andrew Merrington
University of Plymouth

Public Release: 10-Jul-2014
New research finds ocean's most abundant organisms have clear daily cycles
Researchers working at Station ALOHA, a deep ocean study site 100 km north of Oahu, observed different species of free-living, heterotrophic bacteria turning on diel cycling genes at slightly different times -- suggesting a wave of transcriptional activity that passes through the ocean microbial community each day.
National Science Foundation, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Contact: Talia S. Ogliore
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Public Release: 10-Jul-2014
Current Biology
Mediterranean fish stocks show steady decline
While careful management has helped stabilize or even improve the state of fisheries resources in some parts of Europe, the situation in the Mediterranean has deteriorated over the past 20 years. In a new report evaluating nine fish species reported in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on July 10, scientists call for stringent monitoring of Mediterranean fishing activities, better enforcement of fisheries regulations, and advanced management plans in Mediterranean waters.

Contact: Mary Beth O'Leary
Cell Press

Public Release: 9-Jul-2014
NASA, NOAA satellites help confirm Tropical Storm Fausto as a remnant low
NOAA's GOES-West and NASA-JAXA's Global Precipitation Measurement or GPM mission satellite helped forecasters at the National Hurricane Center determine that what was once Tropical Storm Fausto is now a remnant area of low pressure in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

Contact: Rob Gutro
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Public Release: 9-Jul-2014
Journal of Biogeography
Not at home on the range
Do parasites accompany their hosts into neighboring territory? Not necessarily.

Contact: Sonia Fernandez
University of California - Santa Barbara

Showing releases 206-215 out of 356.

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