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Thank you for your interest in EurekAlert!, the premier global source for science, medicine and technology news.

If this is your first visit to EurekAlert!, we invite you to read on to learn how you can incorporate EurekAlert! into your organization's communications strategy. If you have already joined the EurekAlert! community, we hope that the following information can help you maximize the wide range of benefits we offer to our subscribers.

For more information, please e-mail or call 1-202-326-6716. EurekAlert! offices are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., ET.


The first step in joining the EurekAlert! community is to register with EurekAlert! as a public information officer (PIO). To qualify as a PIO, you must be employed in a communications position at a research institution, university, corporation, scientific organization or public relations firm.

To register, complete the online registration form. For more information about registering as a PIO, please contact


A subscription to EurekAlert! can help you bring your organization's news and resources to the attention of reporters from the world's top media outlets. Benefits include posting of eligible press releases, listings in EurekAlert!'s Experts Database, and more. There are two options:

[ Benefits ]
Option 1: Annual Subscription

To enroll your institution as a subscriber to EurekAlert! for 12 months or renew an existing 12-month annual subscription, click here.

Institution TypeCost
Universities, non-profits, government agencies$1,295

Public relations firms are not permitted to purchase annual subscriptions.

[ Benefits ]
Option 2: Fee-Per-Posting

To enroll your institution as a per-news release or multimedia item subscriber to EurekAlert! and begin posting press releases, multimedia and experts on a fee-per-posting basis, click here.

Universities, non-profits, government agencies$135 per release
For-profit institutions and public relations firms$300 per release
Price per expert for all institutions$50

For more information about EurekAlert! subscriptions, please e-mail or call 1-202-326-6716.

Dual Subscription to EurekAlert and EurekAlert! Chinese

Your organization may also want to consider co-subscribing to our Chinese-language sister site, EurekAlert! Chinese. The discounted rates for a dual subscription are below. See EurekAlert! Chinese Subscription Rates for information on subscribing to EurekAlert! Chinese alone.

Institution TypeCost
Universities, non-profits, government agencies$1,520

Public Relations firms are not permitted to purchase annual subscriptions.

For more information about EurekAlert! subscriptions, please e-mail or call 1-202-326-6716.

Subscription Forms

Subscribing to EurekAlert! is easy. You can subscribe online using the links above, or download a form in PDF format and return it by fax or mail.

Completed forms can be sent by fax to 1-202-898-0391 or by mail to:

EurekAlert! / AAAS
1200 New York Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20005.

For more information about EurekAlert! subscriptions, please e-mail or call 1-202-326-6716.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Your organization can have an instant and far-reaching impact on the world of science, medicine and technology. Sponsoring EurekAlert! allows you to reach a highly influential group of readers--including science journalists, key information providers from major research institutions and a wide range of Internet users with an interest in science, health, medicine and technology.

Your exposure will be international, offering a cost-effective way to widen your audience. Show your support for the value of science, and let us show you the value of sponsoring EurekAlert!.

To discuss the possibilities, call 1-202-326-6716 or e-mail