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19-Dec-2014 08:41
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Public Release: 17-Dec-2014
American Chemical Society's 249th National Meeting & Exposition
Press registration opens for 2015 spring national meeting of the American Chemical Society
Journalists may now apply for press credentials for the American Chemical Society's (ACS') 249th National Meeting & Exposition. One of the largest scientific conferences of the year, it will be held March 22-26 in Denver.

Contact: Michael Bernstein
American Chemical Society

Public Release: 16-Dec-2014
Ageing and Health: Policy and Economics in an Era of Longevity
BGRF and Chatham House announce 'Ageing and Health: Policy and Economics in an Era of Longevity'
How can societies meet the health, policy and economic challenges of global population aging? One in nine people in the world is 60 or older and this is expected to rise to one in five people by 2050. A globally aging population and the associated demographic changes have wide-ranging implications for health systems, medical priorities, economic policies, and labor and consumer markets.

Contact: Henry Stanley
Biogerontology Research Foundation

Public Release: 15-Dec-2014
Linguistic Society of America 2015 Annual Meeting
LSA Annual Meeting brings world's leading linguists to Portland
Research presentations on 'creaky voice' and cronuts, a film showing on The Race To Save Cherokee, and a Wikipedia 'edit-a-thon' are among the highlights of the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, to be held in Portland, Ore., from Jan. 8-11, 2015.

Contact: Brice Russ
Linguistic Society of America

Public Release: 11-Dec-2014
The 4-D Nucleome 2014
International conference on the 4-dimensional organization of the nucleus
The latest advances in understanding the principles behind the three-dimensional organization of the cell nucleus in space and time (the 4th dimension) will be presented at an international conference, 'The 4D Nucleome 2014,' in Hiroshima, Japan, from Dec. 17 to 20, 2014. The conference will be hosted by the Research Center for the Mathematics on Chromatin Live Dynamics of Hiroshima University.

Contact: Norifumi Miyokawa
Hiroshima University

Public Release: 9-Dec-2014
2014 AGU Fall Meeting
AGU Fall Meeting: Press conference schedule, briefings streamed online, badge pickup
This release concerns the AGU Fall Meeting, including the press conference schedule, briefings streamed online and badge pickup.

Contact: Nanci Bompey
American Geophysical Union

Public Release: 8-Dec-2014
Society for Risk Analysis 2014 Annual Meeting
PETA science consortium to present at Society for Risk Analysis Meeting
The PETA International Science Consortium, Ltd., will present at the annual meeting of the Society for Risk Analysis on a framework for optimizing nonanimal testing methods for nanomaterials. This presentation builds upon a talk given at September's Nano-Risk Analysis II workshop, co-sponsored by the PETA International Science Consortium Ltd.

Contact: Tasgola Bruner
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Public Release: 8-Dec-2014
American Society for Cell Biology/International Federation for Cell Biology
ASCB's Celldance releases microscopic blockbusters
Three 'Tell Your Own Cell Story' videos commissioned by Celldance Studios, a.k.a. the ASCB's Public Information Committee. Dubbed 'microscopic blockbusters,' the three short videos will premiere online from the 2014 ASCB/IFCB meeting in Philadelphia on Monday, December 8.

Contact: John Fleischman
American Society for Cell Biology

Public Release: 4-Dec-2014
GulfPCR-GIM 2014
GulfPCR-GIM 2014 announcement
The fourth edition of GulfPCR-GIM 2014, which takes place in Dubai, UAE, will bring together interventional cardiologists and cathlab staff from throughout the world to share experience and knowledge in order to improve cardiovascular care for all patients.

Contact: Angie Viciana

Public Release: 4-Dec-2014
Assessment of In Vitro COPD Models for Tobacco Regulatory Science
PETA science consortium to present non-animal alternatives at FDA tobacco testing workshop
A PETA International Science Consortium advisor, Joseph Manuppello, will present the 'Animal Protection Perspective' at a workshop sponsored by the US Food and Drug Administration intended to identify in vitro models and assays for tobacco toxicity testing.

Contact: Tasgola Bruner
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Public Release: 4-Dec-2014
Advances & Controversies in Clinical Nutrition
Advances and controversies in clinical nutrition: Looking forward via science
Hear the latest on food and nutrition science at the fourth annual ASN Advances and Controversies in Clinical Nutrition conference at National Harbor, Md., Dec. 4-6. With featured topics like hospital-based nutrition or dietary supplements, we have an exciting three-day program filled with clinical updates in hotly debated nutrition areas such as sugars.

Contact: Suzanne Price
American Society for Nutrition

Public Release: 4-Dec-2014
Cognitive Neuroscience Society 22nd Annual Meeting
Press registration open for CNS 2015 in San Francisco
Press registration is now open for the Cognitive Neuroscience Society meeting, March 28-31, 2015, in San Francisco, Calif., at the Hyatt Regency. Get great story ideas and connect with more than 1,500 neuroscientists. See the latest cognitive neuroscience research in aging, memory, language, and learning.

Contact: Lisa M.P. Munoz
Cognitive Neuroscience Society

Public Release: 4-Dec-2014
EGU2015: European Geosciences Union General Assembly
European Geosciences Union meeting: Media registration now open
The 2015 General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union provides an opportunity for journalists to hear about the latest research in the Earth, planetary and space sciences, and to talk to scientists from all over the world. The meeting, the largest geosciences conference in Europe, brings together over 12,000 researchers, and is taking place in Vienna, Austria, from April 12-17.

Contact: Bárbara Ferreira
European Geosciences Union

Public Release: 4-Dec-2014
World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis & Musculoskeletal Diseases (WCO-IOF-ESCEO MILAN 2015)
World's key bone, muscle and joint congress to be held in Milan, Italy
Announcing the World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases -- the key annual forum for the presentation of new research and clinical advances in the field. Hosted by the International Osteoporosis Foundation and the European Society for Clinical & Economic Aspects of Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis, this 2015 Congress will be held in Milan, Italy from March 26-29. Abstract deadline is Jan. 15, 2015. The early bird registration deadline is Dec. 5, 2014.

Contact: L. Misteli
International Osteoporosis Foundation

Public Release: 3-Dec-2014
Society for Personality and Social Psychology 16th Annual Convention
Psychology of relationships, well-being, generosity and more
The 16th Annual Convention of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology will bring together 3,500 scientists to share their latest research in 84 symposia and 2,256 posters.

Contact: Jennifer Santisi
Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Public Release: 3-Dec-2014
International Symposium on Cancer in Young Women
Press invitation: International Symposium on Cancer in Young Women
You are warmly invited to attend the International Symposium 'Cancer in Young Women' on Feb. 5-6, 2015, in Leuven, Belgium. Members of the press pay no registration fees and are welcome for all or part of the symposium. Speaker interview requests will be gladly accommodated upon request.

Contact: Griet Van der Perre
KU Leuven

Public Release: 2-Dec-2014
56th American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting
56th ASH Annual Meeting to highlight latest research, celebrate milestones in hematology
The American Society of Hematology (ASH) will host more than 20,000 attendees from around the world for its 56th annual meeting, featuring breakthrough research and the latest patient care advances in hematology Dec. 6-9 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. This ASH meeting is the premier annual event for physicians and scientists in hematology.

Contact: Alicia Davids
American Society of Hematology

Public Release: 1-Dec-2014
Uppsala Health Summit
Antibiotic resistance on the agenda in Uppsala, Sweden and worldwide
The theme for the next Uppsala Health Summit, to be held in Uppsala on June 2-3, 2015, is antibiotic resistance -- one of the biggest global health challenges of our day. The basis of this Summit will be the World Health Organization draft Global Action Plan against antimicrobial resistance. This plan, currently being discussed at a high-level meeting in Stockholm, is set to be launched at the World Health Assembly in May.

Contact: Project Manager Madeleine Neil
Uppsala University

Public Release: 25-Nov-2014
APSARD Annual Meeting: ADHD & Related Disorders State of the Science & the Art
ADHD and related disorders: State of the science and art
The American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders (APSARD), a US-based international organization of health professionals and scientists focusing exclusively on ADHD and related disorders, will hold its 2015 Annual Meeting, Jan. 16-18, 2015, in Washington, D.C.

Contact: Sarah Timm
American Professional Society of ADHD & Related Disorders

Public Release: 21-Nov-2014
Evolutionary Synthesis, Past and Future: A Celebration Hosted by NESCent
North Carolina researchers unveil a new center for evolutionary medicine
Scientists reveal a new center, Triangle Center for Evolutionary Medicine (TriCEM), to foster cross-disciplinary research in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area. This announcement is part of the weekend symposium, "Evolutionary synthesis, past and future," which celebrates the 10-year legacy of the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent). NESCent will close in June 2015.

Contact: Nicole Duncan
National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent)

Public Release: 20-Nov-2014
Bunsentagung 2015
Bunsentagung 2015 will take place at RUB
In 2015, Germany's largest conference for physical chemistry will take place at Ruhr-Universität: in collaboration with the German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry, the Cluster of Excellence RESOLV organizes the Bunsentagung that will run from May 14-16, 2015.

Contact: Nina Winter
Ruhr-University Bochum

Public Release: 18-Nov-2014
Naval Future Force Science and Technology EXPO
Titanic explorer, Nobel Laureate to headline Naval S&T EXPO
The leader of the expedition that discovered the Titanic wreck and a Nobel Prize-winning physicist are among a growing lineup of speakers at the Naval Future Force Science and Technology (S&T) EXPO Feb. 4-5 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

Contact: Peter Vietti
Office of Naval Research

Public Release: 18-Nov-2014
Infectious Diseases: Global Public-Health Challenges of the Next Decade
Global experts to discuss how to prepare for infectious diseases like Ebola, tuberculosis
The 11th annual International Consortium on Anti-Virals (ICAV) symposium, Infectious Diseases: Global Public-Health Challenges of the Next Decade, will put the challenges posed by several infectious diseases under the microscope, including the Ebola virus, the H7N9 influenza virus, MERS coronavirus and dengue viruses, as well as drug-resistant tuberculosis.

Contact: Gloria Suhasini
416-736-2100 x22094
York University

Public Release: 17-Nov-2014
2014 AGU Fall Meeting
AGU Fall Meeting: Virtual press room and PIO uploader -- Now live!
Included in this advisory: 'Virtual Press Room and PIO Uploader - Now live!,' 'Fall Meeting Virtual Options,' 'Preliminary press conference topics,' 'Fall Meeting events,' 'Journalism awards reception,' 'First-timers breakfast,' 'Mass Media Fellows breakfast,' 'Northern California Science Writers Association holiday dinner registration,' 'Press registration information,' and 'Who's Coming.'

Contact: Mary Catherine Adams
American Geophysical Union

Public Release: 17-Nov-2014
'The Transforming Horizon: A Flat World Perspective for Business Today"'
UN Chief of Academic Impact Ramu Damodaran to keynote NJIT Fourth Annual Business Conference
'The Transforming Horizon: A Flat World Perspective for Business Today' is the theme of the Fourth Annual Business Conference presented by the School of Management at New Jersey Institute of Technology on Nov. 20, 2014, 9 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

Contact: Tanya Klein
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Public Release: 14-Nov-2014
IOF Regionals 5th Asia-Pacific Osteoporosis Meeting
5th IOF Asia-Pacific Osteoporosis Meeting opens in Taipei
Today, researchers and clinicians from throughout the region have gathered in Taipei for the opening of the 5th Asia-Pacific Osteoporosis Meeting. The event, taking place from Nov. 14-16, is one of the Asia-Pacific's most important bone, muscle and joint congresses. It has been organized by the International Osteoporosis Foundation in cooperation with the Taiwanese Osteoporosis Association.

Contact: L. Misteli
International Osteoporosis Foundation

Showing releases 1-25 out of 47.

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