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Contact: Kristin Elise Phillips
American Museum of Natural History

St. Catherines Beads Other

Caption: On the top left is a French manganese black opaque bead, some created with the a speo process. Below that is a Spanish spherical dot-incised gilded glass bead (6 found). Next to those is a cut crystal, potentially manufactured in Spain because of inferior quality to known beads from France or Venice (6 found, as well as other nonglass beads of carnelian, jet and amber). Next to that on top is a unique yellow melon shaped bead, possibly from China. Below that is a Chinese wound translucent-transparent green (4 found). Finally on the far right is a blown black bead with greenish-yellow dots (13 found with one burial that are potentially French).

Credit: AMNH

Usage Restrictions: None

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