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Contact: Oihane Lakar
Elhuyar Fundazioa

Near-field Microscope Images of Loaded Infrared Antennas

Caption: The bottom line depicts the topography, whereas the upper line plots the scanned near-field images. Figure a shows a metal nanorod that can be considered the most simple dipole antenna. The near-field image clearly shows the dipolar oscillation mode with positive fields in red and negative fields in blue color. By introducing a narrow gap at the center of the nanorod thus altering the "antenna load" (Figure c), two dipolar-like modes are obtained. When the gap is connected with a small metal bridge (Figure b), the dipole oscillation mode of Figure a can be restored as the near-field image clearly reveals.

Credit: Martin Schnell/CIC nanoGUNE

Usage Restrictions: copyrighted image, copyright: CIC nanoGUNE

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