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Contact: Andrea Long
Complete Genomics

Complete Genomics' Self-Assembling DNA Nanoarrays

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Caption: Complete Genomics makes DNA nanoarrays for use in its sequencing process by introducing a solution of millions of DNA nanoballs (DNBs) to a patterned surface. The DNBs stick to activated, "sticky" spots, while avoiding the field between the spots. Once a DNB has adhered to a spot it repels other DNBs, which results in only one DNB per spot. In this time-lapse footage, a high-density DNA nanoarray is efficiently self-assembled from DNBs in solution. This method eliminates one of the most costly aspects of producing traditional patterned DNA arrays.

Credit: Complete Genomics, Inc.

Usage Restrictions: This footage may be used only by news organizations in reports describing Complete Genomics, Inc DNA sequencing technology. Footage credit must be given.

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