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Contact: Robert Mitchum
University of Chicago Medical Center

Vertebrate Predation on Crinoids

Caption: This is an artist's rendering of a shallow marine ecosystem during the early Carboniferous Period (359-318 million years ago). Crinoids include the camerates Dizygocrinus (under attack, bottom center, left) and the spiny Dorycrinus (bottom center, right), and the cladids Decadocrinus (bottom left) and Abrotocrinus (bottom right). Fishes include the cochliodont Deltoptychius (bottom center), the petalodont Janassa (left of center, ventral view), the chondrenchelyiform Chondrenchelys (far left), and the actinopterygian Amphicentrum (upper right).

Credit: Art by Robert Nicholls

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