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Contact: Gertie Skaarup
University of Copenhagen

SAXS-CT Method

Caption: These three images show the same section of the same brain. The images have all been measured using SAXS-CT. 1: The image here shows the Small-Angle X-ray Scattering cross section measured using the SAXS-CT. It can be used as an anatomical map of the rat brain. 2: Seen here is the myelin concentration in the rat brain. It is seen that the myelin is concentrated around the corpus callosum as well as the external and internal capsule. The concentration can now be measured using SAXS-CT without cutting into the brain. 3: The image shows how the thickness of the myelin layer in the rat brain varies between 17.0 and 18.2 nm. Using SAXS-CT these variations can be measured over a large area of the brain at once. The blue color shows areas with no or a very low myelin concentration.

Credit: Torben Haugaard Jensen, et al. Niels Bohr Institute

Usage Restrictions: Credit: Torben Haugaard Jensen, et al. Niels Bohr Institute

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