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Contact: Mike Breen or Annette Emerson
American Mathematical Society

Graphical Representation of Matrices

Caption: Mathematicians often work with matrices, which are arrays of numbers. When written on a page, a matrix can look like a sea of numbers, so any patterns that might occur in the numbers can be difficult to discern. More and more, mathematicians are turning to graphical representations of matrices, like the two examples here. By using color and form to indicate the values of the numbers in the matrix, these graphical representations can instantly give a sense of the patterns in the matrix. The first picture is a representation of a matrix in which the numbers exhibit a clear pattern; the second picture, by contrast, is a matrix in which the numbers are random.

Credit: Graphic by David Bailey and Jonathan Borwein. Request their permission before reproducing the graphic.

Usage Restrictions: Request permission from David Bailey and Jonathan Borwein before reproducing this graphic.

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