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Contact: Richard Hund
American Journal of Botany

Cover of the American Journal of Botany Special Issue for February 2012

Caption: A visualization of relative gene expression among three species of the legume genus Glycine: an allotetraploid (blue) and its diploid progenitors (red and yellow). Per-cell expression level is represented by the surface area of the circles, one circle for each gene model species combination, and mapped onto 44,326 gene models across the 20 chromosomes of the closely related reference genome of Glycine max (soybean). Image credits: Glycine gene expression (courtesy of Daniel Ilut); Root tip metaphase chromosomes of Tragopogon miscellus (courtesy of Richard Buggs); rice sample from the IRRI gene bank (courtesy of Susan R. McCouch); Tragopogon triangle (Reprinted from Cold Spring Harbor Symposia; see article by Buggs et al., Fig. 2, for full credit line.)

Credit: Cover design: Adrianna Sutton (http://www.adriannasutton.com/).

Usage Restrictions: Credit original publication and authors listed in caption and credit line.

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