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Contact: Kendra Snyder
American Museum of Natural History

Dinosaur Disparity Trends

Caption: This graphic shows disparity trends in four dinosaur groups during the final 12 million years of the Cretaceous (North American species only). Time (from 77-65 million years ago) is shown on the x axis. The y axis shows the disparity metric: Sum of variances derived from anatomical character databases. The error bars indicate whether comparisons between time intervals are significant or not (overlap of error bars means non-significance, no overlap means significance). Overall, the large-bodied bulk-feeding ceratopsids and hadrosauroids underwent a marked long-term decline, but the carnivorous coelurosaurs and small herbivorous pachycephalosaurs were stable.

Credit: AMNH/S. Brusatte

Usage Restrictions: Can be used as long as proper credit is given.

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