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Contact: Lisa-Joy Zgorski
National Science Foundation

Carly Strasser, California Digital Library

Caption: DataONE, a powerful tool for today's big data science, serves multiple scientific communities, but its use is most prevalent to date by researchers in the biological sciences. This photograph is of Carly Strasser of the California Digital Library collecting copepods (Eurytemora affinis) in an estuary in the Pacific Northwest. The copepods are invasive marine animals that displace native species. The collected specimens were used as brood stock for laboratory experiments testing the effects of temperature and salinity on population growth. DataONE enables scientists to have access to such biological data sets collected by researchers like Strasser all over the world. Integration and analysis of such data is critical to beginning to understand and address grand challenge questions related to global and long-term issues such as climate change, resource depletion, sustainability, etc.

Credit: DataONE

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