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Contact: Joshua A. Chamot
National Science Foundation

Photo of a Millimeter-Wave Signal Propagation System

Caption: The Wireless Internet Center for Advanced Technologies, a multi-institution NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center, investigates new and better ways to meet the demands on wireless networks. One research focus is new millimeter-wave technologies, which may overcome the bandwidth shortage currently facing wireless service providers. Successful development of millimeter-wave systems, however, requires accurate knowledge of how millimeter-wave signals propagate and are affected by their environment. WICAT researchers at the University of Texas at Austin are developing fundamental millimeter-wave propagation models that should lead to wider propagation of wireless signals in outdoor environments. The understandings gained will improve millimeter-wave mobile broadband communication technologies and systems. With their Accelerating Innovation Research award, WICAT researchers will speed the commercialization of breakthrough technologies like millimeter-wave cellular systems that will multiply the amount of spectrum bandwidth available for communications.

Credit: University of Texas at Austin - WICAT

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