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Contact: Barbara Trapido-Lurie
Arizona State University

Two OpenGeoDa Views Exploring Homicide Patterns

Caption: These two OpenGeoDa views allow exploration of a region's homicide patterns in both geographic and statistical space. The map (above) represents homicide rates for a cluster of counties, with high rates in red and low rates in blue. The parallel coordinate plot (below) allows for a visual and statistical assessment of how the counties' homicide rates (HR) relate to its police expenditures (PE) and resource deprivation (RDAC). Linking of the map with the graph allows the OpenGeoDa user to select a few counties (yellow) and see their values for all three variables on the plot (green). Changing the selection on the map will trigger a new selection on the plot, and vice versa, allowing for a comparison of subregions with the region as a whole.

Credit: Luc Anselin, ASU

Usage Restrictions: None

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