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Contact: Professor Ib Bygbjerg
(45) 41-58-94-97
University of Copenhagen

New Strategies Needed to Combat Disease in Developing Countries

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Caption: So-called lifestyle diseases are gaining ground with epidemic speed in low-income countries. The traditional health focus in these countries has been to combat communicable diseases such as malaria, HIV and tuberculosis. However, research from the University of Copenhagen suggests that dividing campaigns into combating either non-communicable or communicable diseases is ineffective and expensive. A new article by Danish scientists published in the well-reputed journal Science provides an overview. University of Copenhagen professor Ib Bygbjerg explains more in the video. Find an HD version of the video in the official University of Copenhagen press release of the story "New strategies needed to combat disease in developing countries" at: http://news.ku.dk/all_news/2012/2012.9/innovation-needed-for-strategies-to-combat-disease-in-developing-countries/


Speak: Carl Hagman

Photographer: Mathias Nielsen

Video footage: Red Cross Denmark

Production: Mathias Nielsen, Henrik Prætorius

Stills: World Diabetes Foundation, Copenhagen School of Global Health

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