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Contact: Margaret Allen
Southern Methodist University

Texas' Youngest Coelacanth: Reidus hilli

Caption: A fossil discovered in Texas is a new species of coelacanth fish. Paleontologist John Graf, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, identified the skull as a 100 million-year-old coelacanth, making it the youngest discovered in Texas. The new species, Reidus hilli, brings to 81 the world's coelacanth species, including two alive today. Coelacanth fish have eluded extinction for 400 million years. Reidus hilli belongs to Dipluridae, a new family Graf determined is transitional between Mawsoniidae and Latimeriidae families. Follow SMU Research on Twitter, @smuresearch. View a video about the discovery, http://bit.ly/WvSBH2.

Credit: Image: Dale Winkler, SMU

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