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Contact: Nan Broadbent
Seismological Society of America

Map Showing Epicentral Region of the 23 Aug. 2011 Mineral, Virginia, Earthquake

Caption: The star indicates the epicenter; large crosses are landslide limits; the small cross represents the largest landslide observed; triangles represent seismic recording stations with station codes indicated (see Table 1 for station names and codes); and dash-double-dot lines are state boundaries. The bold line shows a best-fit ellipse centered at the epicenter and passing through the observed limits (dashed where inferred beyond limits); the dotted line shows a polygon enclosing the observed landslides; the circle around the epicenter indicates the previous maximum distance limit for M 5.8 earthquake (Keefer, 1984); filled circles show maximum (1500 km2) and average (219 km2) areas expected to experience landslides for an M 5.8 earthquake based on previous studies (Keefer, 1984, 2002; Rodríguez et al., 1999). Sinuous solid line shows Blue Ridge Parkway, which extends along the crest of the Blue Ridge. Abundant susceptible slopes exist from the Blue Ridge to the west and north; few susceptible slopes are present to the south and east.

Credit: BSSA Vol. 102:6

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