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'Magneto-Spin' Effect Near Black Holes (7 of 9)

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Caption: Magneto-spin alignment effect simulation with rotating view: Spinning black hole (at center) produces a powerful jet (white-blue) along its spin axis. The jet affects the orientation of the surrounding accretion disk (infalling hot plasma as white-red near the hole) causing the disk to align with the spin axis near the hole, but at larger distances the disk dominates the jet and the jet re-aligns with the outer disk. This video relates to a paper that appeared in the Nov. 16, 2012, issue of Science, published by AAAS. The paper, by Jonathan C. McKinney at Stanford University in Stanford, Calif., and colleagues was titled, "'Magneto-Spin' Effect Near Black Holes."

Credit: Visualizations by Ralf Kaeler (KIPAC) and Jonathan McKinney (UMD)

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