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Contact: Barbara K. Kennedy
Penn State

Flexible Silicon Solar-Cell Fabrics May Soon Become Possible (2 of 2)

Caption: For the first time, a silicon-based optical fiber with solar-cell capabilities has been developed that is capable of being scaled up to many meters in length. The research, led by a Penn State University chemist, opens the door to the possibility of weaving together solar-cell silicon wires to create flexible, curved, or twisted solar fabrics. The information will be posted in the early online edition of the journal Advanced Materials on 6 December 2012. More information and high-resolution images are online at http://www.science.psu.edu/news-and-events/2012-news/Badding12-2012. This photo shows a cross-sectional image of the new silicon-based optical fiber with solar-cell capabilities. Shown are the layers -- labeled n+, i, and p+ -- that have been deposited inside the pore of the fiber.

Credit: Badding lab, Penn State University

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