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Contact: Rob Gutro
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

3-D Image of Super Typhoon Bopha

Caption: This 3-D image of Super Typhoon Bopha was created using data from NASA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite on Dec. 2, 2012. TRMM 3-D data showed that the inner eyewall was being replaced by an outer eyewall, something that typically happens in major typhoons. There was also a "hot tower" thunderstorm reaching 12 kilometers (7.4 miles) high, located north of the center of circulation. NASA research indicates that whenever a "hot tower" is spotted in a tropical cyclone, the storm usually intensifies within 6 hours. The graphic also indicates where the highest, most powerful thunderstorms were around the center by the rounded area indicating cloud top temperatures of -90 Celsius.

Credit: NASA/SSAI, Hal Pierce

Usage Restrictions: None

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