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Contact: Rod Loewen
650-320-8300 x405
Lyncean Technologies, Inc.

Signing Ceremony

Caption: Professor Ferenc Krausz (LMU/ MPQ), professor Ronald Ruth SLAC/Lyncean), and professor Franz Pfeiffer (TUM) celebrate after signing the purchase contract for a Lyncean Compact Light Source. A "Compact Light Source" (CLS) from Lyncean Technologies Inc. was purchased by researchers from the newly formed Center for Advanced Laser Applications (CALA) in Germany, a joint project of the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich (LMU) and the Technical University Munich (TUM). The device will be fully built and tested in Lyncean's facility in Palo Alto, Calif., and delivered to Munich in early 2014.

Credit: Franz Pfeiffer (TUM)

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