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Contact: Sandra Hines
University of Washington

Comparison of bite forces of living, extinct carnivorous fishes

Caption: Bite force quotients considering both bite force and body size compare the powerful bites of black piranha (S. rhombeus) and now-extinct Megapiranha (M. paranensis) with barracuda, blacktip shark (C. limbatus), bull shark (C. leucas), hammerhead shark (S. mokarran), the extinct 4-ton Dunkleosteus terrelli, great white shark (C caracharias) and the extinct whale-eating Carcharodon megalodon.

Credit: Justin Grubich, et al/Scientific Reports

Usage Restrictions: For use only in coverage of results by Justin Grubich, et al, in Dec. 13, 2012 Scientific Reports; no derivatives; no commercial use; credit required.

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