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Contact: George Hale
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

NASA's Operation Ice Bridge Flying Low over Southeast Greenland

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Caption: Few of us ever get to see Greenland's glaciers from 500 meters above the ice. But in this video -- recorded on April 9,2013 in southeast Greenland using a cockpit camera installed and operated by the National Suborbital Education and Research Center, or NSERC -- we see what Operation IceBridge's pilots see as they fly NASA's P-3B airborne laboratory low over the Arctic. Following a glacier's sometimes winding flow line gives IceBridge researchers a perspective on the ice not possible from satellites which pass in straight lines overhead. By gathering such data, IceBridge is helping to build a continuous record of change in the polar regions. For more about the Operation Ice Bridge mission, visit: http://www.nasa.gov/icebridge/.

Credit: Video: NASA Goddard, Jefferson Beck Text: NASA Goddard, George Hale

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