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Contact: Lee J. Siegel
University of Utah

Aftershocks: 2008 Study of Crandall Canyon Mine Collapse

Caption: This map from a 2008 University of Utah study shows the original estimate of how much of the Crandall Canyon coal mine originally was thought to have collapsed on Aug. 76, 2007 (solid red rectangle marked "Aug 6 Collapse") and the larger area (dashed red line) of collapse determined by the 2008 study, based on dozens of aftershocks. Now, a new study from the University has found hundreds of previously unrecognized aftershocks that suggest the collapse was even bigger and extended to the west end of the mine -- well beyond the area where miners were working and where the seismic event from the collapse was centered (red star). For comparison, see other map.

Credit: University of Utah Seismograph Stations.

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