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Contact: Patrick Regan
Technische Universitaet Muenchen

Visually and Optogenetically Induced Brain Waves Are Virtually Identical

Caption: These measurements were made by optically recording the flux of calcium ions in optogenetically transduced neurons in a mouse's brain. In the train of four consecutive brain waves shown here, optogenetically induced waves (OG) alternate with waves evoked by visual stimulation (sun symbol). A striking feature is the virtually identical pattern of the visually and optogenetically evoked waves -- keeping in mind that less than 100 neurons in the cortex have been optogenetically stimulated. Stimulating these few neurons leads to the generation of a wave recruiting the entire cortex.

Credit: Prof. Albrecht Stroh, Prof. Arthur Konnerth / Copyright TU Muenchen

Usage Restrictions: This image may be freely used, with copyright noted, in news coverage of this research.

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