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Contact: Latarsha Gatlin
George Washington University

George Washington University Biologist Discovers New Dinosaur in China

Caption: This shows fossil remains found by a George Washington University biologist in northwestern China have been identified as a new species of small theropod, or meat-eating, dinosaur. The discovery was made by James Clark, Professor of Biology,at GW's Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Clark, along with his then doctoral student Jonah Choiniere and a team of international researchers, found the dinosaur specimen in a remote region of Xinjiang in China in 2006. In a research paper published in the Journal of Systematic Palaeontology, Drs. Clark and Choiniere explain recovering the skull, mandible and partial skeleton of the dinosaur. The new theropod was an estimated 1 meter or just over 3 feet long and probably weighed about 3 pounds.

Credit: James Clark, George Washington University

Usage Restrictions: Please credit James Clark at George Washington University for the images. Jonah Choiniere should be credited for the rendition.

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